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Poll: Chairman Game

Looking for Chairmen
Started on 29 March 2022 by stigzee
Latest Reply on 1 April 2022 by stigzee
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Hi all,

I have been discussing how we can bring back the Chairman Game,

So here is my initial proposal,

We have 20 teams from the Premier League, and 20 Chairmen, I have two options

1) We use 22.4 update squads and allow transfers between teams

2) In the interest of promoting fairness, each team can protect upto 5 players per team, these must be picked at the start of a fantasy draft and similar to DP contracts in MLS these are protected. All unprotected players can be drafted on pick 6

Chairmen will be able to choose managers prior to league starting and all teams will be under transfer embargoes during the season. This means making sure there's enough depth as well as quality.

We run through a first season through simulation, and then open to other markets but again 5 protected players and each signing is protected for a maximum of 2 years. all players based outside of the league will be advertised and if more than one team chooses a player it will be randomly drawn and the losing team will need to make a second choice which if needed will go to a random and so on.

We are looking for all types of content here, so if we had 20 managers we could take it online, make this more than just a simulation.
Id be keen to get involved if it got the interest!
Brilliant news.I’ve discussed it with Stam so it will be on here. I’ll look at setting up in the fmscout discord too.

I think last time they successfully launched it 6 years ago it went for a few seasons. So yeah please let us know comments on other features or ideas we could potentially introduce.

I’m very keen on trying to make it fair for all teams to maintain interest. I think it’s interesting too that bigger teams can only ringfence so many individuals too.

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