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Sunday Leaguer

Started on 6 December 2010 by adamahc
Latest Reply on 13 December 2010 by tomy
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Taking inspiration from Evo and Bacchus' stories i thought i would try on myself...lets see how it goes

(before i continue i would like to apologise for any short hand or text language i use, bad habit i have from spending too much time typing on other sites)

So here i go, into the world of football management, inexperienced, and unknown but ambitious and ready to learn.


Setting off out to the post office, several copies of my CV in hand, cladden with management experience from football manager games admittedly, ready to send away to Tamworth in England, and Dundee FC in Scotland...both teams without a current manager. Handing over the two envelopes to the cashier behind the window and watching them get taken away into the back rooms. Will I get an offer? Only time will tell.


Up early, not having slept from nerves, sitting on my couch reading the paper and listening to some music when i catch a glimpse of the mail man walking down my drive to my door, meeting him there just as his hand stretches out to slide mail through the letter box. "Thank you," i say relieving him of the letters in his hand seeing that the top of the bundle has the badge of Tamworth. Dropping the rest of the letters, and ripping open the one on top, pulling out the letter to reveal its contents...

A one-year part time contract offer

I couldn't pick up the phone quickly enough to contact Tamworth and tell them i accept.

The Lamb Ground here i come!

(p.s can someone send me instructions on how to insert pictures/thumbnails into the text please? thanks)
nice going hope ya do well. i have no idea about images though,sorry. What did you put as your past expierence?
# stam : Just a quick hint mate, instead of using the full size images directly like you do now:

[ img ] path-here [ /img ] could try a thumbnail version, so the images load up faster, but people can still get the full size picture when they click. So you could use this:

[ img=path-here ] path-to-thumbnail-here [ /img ]

The difference between path-here and path-to-thumbnail-here is just a th. at the end of the URL. So for example...

Full size:


Remember this is the way works with images, so it shouldn't work in a similar way for other free image hosting sites.

That's what Stam said, just practice a's not hard, pick the URL link from Imageshack..not the 1 made for BBC and so on, or the 1 that you get when clicking the image

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