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United Soccer League Century

Started on 7 May 2022 by MJK46
Latest Reply on 14 May 2022 by MJK46
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Chapter 5: A New USL

The 2010s we're going strong for US soccer, this included runs in the 2014 World Cup and a bunch of other tournament wins or runner up spots. Even in the United Soccer Leagues the game was flourishing despite the second soccer war against the North American Soccer League. A major event would change the league structure once again coming into the next decade. On the date of June 13th, 2018, The United States of America, Mexico and Canada beat out Morocco to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

Unlike 30 years prior when the USSF made a promise to FIFA to create a new First Division this time there was no need of it as do United Soccer Leagues we're extremely stable. One thing though is that the leak already had plans to overhaul the system a little bit. The target date for play under the new overhaul was set for the 2020 season, unfortunately everybody knows what happened and it had to be delayed until 2021. Surprisingly enough the delay due to COVID Allowed the United Soccer Leagues to perfect what we have today.

This change included adding a fourth division of professional soccer known as league 2, updates to the roster limits, I continuation after five years of absence of the USL Challenge Cup but this time all 42 clubs in the professional end in two from the professional development league were eligible to participate. the biggest change of the mall would be the renaming of the A-League, USL First Division and the USL Second Division. they would be re branded as the USL Premiership, Championship and League One. to this day it's still hard not to call the Premiership the A-League,

For the United Soccer Leagues, it would be a 12-10-10-10 system with one automatic relegation and the second placed team will faceoff against the second to last club in a playoff. The system also includes the Premier Development League (PDL), The league has been around since the mid-1990s, and USL Academy League.

For the forty-two fully professional clubs the roster situation is the same through all four professional divisions. Each team will be able to register at maximum 35 players, a maximum of 12 foreign players, at least two U-22s, and at least one registered Academy player. Also, the USSF updated its non-foreign player exception list, outside of the key US territories and Canada all nations of the Caribbean have been granted special status of being not counted against the foreign player limit. Mexico and Central America are still under foreign status.

Now that the initial front of COVID-19 has lessened The United Soccer Leagues will start their 31st season starting in March of 2021.
Promotion and relegation in the US leagues would be brilliant, but the way the MLS is set-up isn't too bad either tbf. The way the league plans its expansions is smart, and done well, and the league has gone from strength to strength in recent years. I'm a massive fan of this "all nations of the Caribbean have been granted special status of being not counted against the foreign player limit" rule, with scouting in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago taking on a whole new meaning as a result.

Best of luck with it :D
J_ames I thought it was fair that the Caribbean deserved special status as it is not too strong and I doubt many will be signed so why not.


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We finally reached to the part of this story that will begin play. After over a week of getting everything set and testing to make sure it works my database and alternate universe is ready to go. if you are paying attention to the header, you will see who my club is going to be the world-famous New York Cosmos. here I'm going to go over why I chose them and what my goals are and a little background of how the Cosmos got here.

The reason why I am playing as the Cosmos is because of their history in real life from being a are you super club before that was really a thing and then obviously the club folding and then returning from the dead and right now in real life are in a bit of a limbo. So due to all that my main goal is to make the Cosmos great again. My goals are to become with top team in America once again, try to get as many European superstars as I can under the roster limits, win more titles than the club has won in real life, win the CONCACAF Champions League And become the best team in the world.

As you all know the New York Cosmos were one of the most known football clubs in the world during the 1970s and early 1980s. Due to the NASL collapsing in 1982 the club would end up for a few years playing in various leagues such as the Cosmopolitan Soccer League and a few indoor leagues. The club would not last as the club was a shell of their former self and was just bleeding money. During these times sadly the club would not win anything.

Things changed several years later in 2010 when the cosmos brand was brought back to life. Former players like Shep Messing and Pele along with a few other major American investors were able to bring the club back from the dead. when the club started back up many believed this was just a way to sell nostalgia to the people. It was not known at the time but the Cosmos we're planning to start back the NASL. The USL attempted the court them to the league but were unsuccessful. Nobody knew at the time why they didn't want to join they just said it was for branding reasons. Between 2011 and 2014 the club mostly played friendlies with many different clubs.

Despite now playing in the North American Soccer Leagues first few seasons the club would maintain their dominance as if the league never ended. the club would win three titles in 2013, 2015 and 2016. One interesting fact though is the club at the time kept to tradition and never played in the US open cup so sadly we were not able to see any New York City Derbies against New York Red Bulls and NYCFC. after the 2017 season and the collapse of the second coming of the NASL the club would be at a crossroads once again.

This time the club had a slight advantage over the old NASL side was that the reserve side was in the National Premier Soccer League. Cosmos B we're just as dominant as the main squad winning several championships in their short time. What had happened was that the senior team was disbanded, and the club temporarily would focus on the youth side of the game. In 2019 the club was invited to bring back their senior squad to join the National Independent Soccer Association for the 2020 season.

Due to the pandemic the cosmos never joined the league. As the club was under new ownership and was looking to become a top team again, they were lucky enough to get an invite into the United Soccer Leagues. Some fans felt the club sold out, but many were very happy that professional soccer would be once again played in Long Island. Due to not being several the United Soccer Leagues the club head to start the 2021 season at the fourth level in league 2. due to such a quick turnaround as the Cosmos were a bit unprepared it was seen as the worst season ever in the clubs 51 years as an organization.

Starting in 2022 the club would start the climb back up under a familiar face to football fans especially Cosmo fans.

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New York, New York
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