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fm stories

just something i realised about them
Started on 8 December 2010 by adamahc
Latest Reply on 10 December 2010 by adamahc
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i realised earlier while looking through some stories that no one has done any on a Scottish Football Team...

i know its not really an attractive league to play in and the teams aren't exactly filled with talent, but i play regularly with Kilmarnock FC (predicted 12th finished in top division) and yet i can still sign some talented players that can be signed by championship and Premier league teams in both england and abroad in france and even a few went to spain so its not like they are completely talentless

but yeh this was just a general realisation
Maybe no one ever made story about Scottish league because few people play it and im doing story about Polish league and it ain't attractive.
well i tried to do a story...admittedly on tamworth (english BSP) but it didnt get much if any interest, so i might try one on my kilmarnock career but i doubt it will get much more, and my stories tend to be that more proper stories not like Evo's one thats doing so well
I did one with Celtic, Taste of Victory! (only the demo though)
celtic are like the only club that are able to buy players, as rangers (the only other "big" team in scotland) dont have much of a budget and have to sign low price players, but playing as kilmarnock (what i do) all you need to do is sign either a back up or a first team right back, but thats about it, the team is strong enough to win against most teams with the right tactics
The Scottish leagues are probably my 2nd favorite after the English, I'v done many games there in previous versions of FM taking Albion Rovers, Dumbarton and even Queens Park up to the SPL. The only problem was always that Scottish football had a low reputation and Europe was difficult.

With the new dynamic league reputation :D I'm definitely looking to eventually do a game in Scotland and transform them into a dominant footballing nation.
yeh that takes a good while especially for Queens Park, but it isnt impossible in the new version :) i dont know what you mean by dynamic league reputation but it is easier to make scotland as dominant as england than it was in 2010
Klimarnock is a good challenge! Why don't you give it a go? Scotland may not be England but has potential..
I agree with Seph Scotland have potential.
it has potential yes but it takes a lil while for that potential to actually come through,

i am currently doing a season with kilmarnock,

might start another one to do a story on :)

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