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European Tour with Dresden boy - Matthias Winkler

A journeyman kind of save where I try to explore some Eastern, South-Eastern and Central European Nations
Started on 20 September 2022 by Archey
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Welcome to Dresden, a bustling city in Saxony state in the east of Germany. The city is unfortunately known for its tragic past and the sufferings from massive firebombing during World War II but things have looked upwards in recent times and it’s becoming a prime economic centre in eastern Germany.

Meet Matthias Winkler, a 27-year-old retailer of sports related goods, born and brought up in Dresden. While Matthias has been a big fan of football right from childhood, he has never played the game at any level. While on a vacation in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Matthias and his friends were discussing what a dream job would like for them and Matthias couldn’t stop picturing himself as a football manager. This thought stuck in his mind and co-incidentally he soon got introduced to Sarah Sammer on a business trip to Munich. Sarah happens to be the daughter of another Dresden born football great Matthias Sammer who served the country (both East Germany and unified Germany) with distinction during his playing days (including the Euro 1996 and Ballon d’Or) and made a name for himself as Technical/Sporting Director, first at Die Mannschaft and then at Bayern Munich. With the help of Sarah, Matthias got an opportunity to meet his namesake and was so much awestruck that he immediately afterwards set out to pursue education towards the coaching badges. Matthias Sammer asked him to travel around and explore various countries and cultures as he learns his craft. From that day he spent most of his weekends travelling across the country and abroad attending games across leagues and divisions. While the pandemic brought a brief pause in his travels he completed his Nationals C, B and A licenses and is now looking to take a dive in the world of football management as he continues on his journey towards continental badges. While leading his hometown club Dynamo Dresden to success remains an ultimate dream, Matthias will be looking to start of his career abroad, away from the scrutiny and limelight of German media. Matthias will be covering mostly South-Eastern and Central Europe and the following are the leagues loaded in the save initially.

As an astute businessman Matthias does have an eye for tactical side of the game and is bestowed with good people management skills. With Matthias Sammer as his mentor, he wants to work closely with youngsters to help develop the grassroot talent. While he is still very early in his career to define a clear playing identity, he wants to play a progressive style of football with a lot of emphasis on short quick passing although he is open to adapting his tactical style based on the team needs.
And now here we go!! Matthias has packed his bags and travelling across Europe hoping to get a call from someone for an interview.
First Job - Slavoj Trebisov

More than 25 applications have been submitted and we have managed to land 2 interviews: Belasitsa from Bulgarian 2nd division and Slavoj Trebisov from Slovakian 2nd division
Our first stop is the city of Petrich in Bulgaria, right at the border with Greece and then we travelled to Trebisov in eastern Slovakia.

And Slavoj Trebisov have offered us a 1-year contract on €600 per week, so we are off to Slovakia to start our football managing journey.

The objective here is to not get relegated with the team finishing 10th last season (16 teams in total) with 35 points. We have a pretty decent group of players including some exciting young talent, so I’m hopeful the relegation fight doesn’t get very dirty. Let’s go!!!
2022 End of Season:
And we have just finished our first professional season as a football manager with a remarkable performance. Slavoj Trebisov finished 7th with 40 points, well clear of any relegation battle, thanks to a stunning start to the season where we were running in top 2 for first 5-6 weeks. We even managed to stitch together a dream run to the quarter finals of Slovnaft Cup (with the board expecting us just to reach 2nd round)

Here is the season review:

Now what next? Slavoj Trebisov board have been made several attempts to offer a 2-year contract extension to me as they pretty impressed by performance in the first year but I’m inkling for a move away. I have tried to apply at several clubs who are looking for promotion from 2nd division or teams battling relegation in top divisions across several nations but no one is willing to bet on me due to the lack of experience. I might have to look for some mid table 2nd division side or stay back with Slavoj Trebisov. Let’s see!!
FK Senica Job change
I have been approached by FK Senica based out of the city of Senica in western Slovakia. While managing another team in the same division with same objectives (avoid relegation) isn’t the most exciting but with slightly better budget to work with I think I can do a better job than at Slavoj Trebisov. So, we have jumped the ship to fellow 2. Liga team FK Senica.

Let’s see what we have got here!!

2022-23 season preview
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FK Senica Promotion

A very bittersweet end to the season!!! We got promoted to the first division but missed out on the title to Slovan Bratisilava’s B team. We finished 2nd in the league but since Slovan Bratsilava B can’t get promoted (as their parent team plays in first division), we got the automatic promotion. Here is the season review.

For the new season I wanted to move on but didn’t really get any offers. Even mid table teams from Austrian 2nd division are not willing to bet on me due to my inexperience. I’ll probably stay back for some more time while actively looking out for other opportunities but with a decent squad in Slovakian first division I fancy my chances of doing well. One thing which I’m scared of though is the finances, the club is struggling and is in red even with cash injection from the board. There were takeover rumours as well but have been brushed aside by the board. Let’s move on with FK Senica for now!!!
2023 Mid Season FK Senica
What a start we have had to the season!!

We are 3rd in the league going into the winter break far away from the relegation struggles predicted for us at the start of the season. The league will split into 2 three matches later (after 22nd match) and we would fancy our chances in the European playoffs. But as we head into the winter break I have received an offer from MSK Zilinia to take over the managerial role. While Zilinia are in the bottom half of the league in 8th position they are club with historical significance having been the 2nd most successful club in Slovakia behind Slovan Bratsilava. The dilemma is getting very difficult to handle and I have decided to head back to Germany to meet my mentor Matthias Sammer. The clock is ticking and I have decision to make. Stay at Senica or move to Zilinia?
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MSK Zilinia Job Change

And I decided to move to Zilinia! The history of the club was enough to attract me plus an opportunity to boost my reputation with the tag of being associated with a club like Zilinia.

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