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Taking the leap to a bigger club?

Career advice... FM style
Started on 29 September 2022 by 2ndcityblues
Latest Reply on 29 September 2022 by SunHatSam
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Hi all,

I've been managing (FM22) Austria Klagenfurt in the Austrian Bundesliga for four (4) seasons, winning the title in the 4th. (Oh how the mighty RB Salzburg have bleated in their demise!) In that time I have increased the finances from 4.8 million Euros in the red to having nearly 2 million Euros in the bank. I am still heavily constrained in terms of transfer and wage budget and understandably so, as 2m Euros doesn't go far. We currently have a Transfer budget of 125k Euros and a Wage budget around 6 million Euros (grown from around 4m when I started.)

However, I am being headhunted by some heavy hitters (and not so heavy!) and can't really think of which direction to go. 

I have received an offer from two Spanish 2nd div teams who have rosters worth 16m and 28m Euros... Royal Antwerp with 11m and Hertha Berlin with a whopping 110m Wage Budget and around 40m transfer budget.

I'm not even considering another Austrian team who finished in the lower half of the league. Seriously, why would I?

Having given it some thought, I imagined stepping up in a progressive way with slightly larger wage budgets, represented in my offers as detailed by Royal Anterp and the 2nd Div Spanish club, Considering I would be giving up European football to manage in Spain, those teams aren't really getting serious consideration. Or should they?

Before I ask for your collect advice, I'll tell you a little about me...

I've been playing FM since FM09 and mostly doing single club saves until I get sacked. I have taken jobs at higher rep clubs before but apart from moving from Chelmsford Town to Motherwell back in FM11 I have lost interest when taking on a bigger club. In FM11 I guided Ipswich to the Premier League before being offered the Liverpool job. I don't think I actually saw a match played as Liverpool manager before losing interest.  More recently I've guided Birmingham City to the Prem, (several times in FM16, FM19 and FM21) and guided Nottingham Forest to the Prem in FM22 and never went any further. That's when I started my Austria Klagenfurt save.

Of course the Hertha Berlin idea fills me with both excitement and dread but I'm thinking Royal Antwerp is a more (realistic?) attractive proposition, or should I stick with Klagenfurt and ride the European Football train in the hopes of leading them onward and upward within the Admiral Bundesliga?

What should I do?
If managing the big clubs with big budgets isn't your thing then don't do it. Realistically why wouldn't Hertha offer you a job when they can see the job you've done in Austria? These things and job opportunities happen in kissball. Personally, I think I would go to Antwerp, win some more trophies in a smaller league and then take on a bigger league.

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