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Smaller Teams Counter Based Tactics?

Started on 13 December 2010 by Zeo
Latest Reply on 14 December 2010 by tomy
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Hi all,

i started with a small dutch club in the highest division. In real life this team is doing remarkably well this season with a 4-1-2-3-1 tactic (quick counter attack - Target man). Ive been trying to adapt the exact same tactics in my FM game, but its not bringing me the same fortune as the team is having in real life.

I play like this:
4 defenders: 2 CB's and 2 full backs on automatic
1 defensive midfielder: on defend
2 centre midfielders: 1 on ball winning midfielder support and 1 as advanced playmaker (the more creative player)
2 wingers: attack minded
1 striker: target man (big strong dude - head strong)

I play the counter tactic with a narrow width and slow tempo and short passing, but i want the team to get out on the counters quickly (i have focus passing on flanks), but i somehow feel they dont get out to counter quickly.
If i set passing on a bit quicker, i start losing my strong passing game. So any idea how i can get my team to play quick counters when they have a change and maintain theyre short passing game when theres no immediate change for a counter?
I also have a scoring problem.

Just recently i started scoring some goals agian but i went at least 6 games without scoring any goals.

(small anecdote: 5 of my start up players have a contract ending in July 2011 - they want to sign new contracts but i cant give them even the same pay they already have! I know this has to do with the wage budget, but i cant do anything about it. At the beginning of the season i tried to get rid of most under 19 and reserve players but no club was inetersted in transfers nor loans, so im stuck. As always being a ADO Den Haag coach is hell)

Any ideas to imrpove my game???
Counter attacks go with Direct passing mate, no doubt about it, I play a direct game and almost always having a good possession. If playing narrow you can't really focus on wingers, most of the time they will be too inside to be able to do their normal game of hugging the line and going up the field. go direct passing and just a bit quick or even normal tempo, better for possession.

If still playing narrow and having a target man set your wingers to inside forwards, as they will work better with a target man, set your crossing to drill as well, works best for counter tactics, as well as defend deep most of the times so you let your forwards space to get the counter in. need to establish your finances.Play with your under19 team every day one friendly away .. it gave you about 20k+a day

2.Play counter only with direct and little fast tempo only when weather is bad..
do not play counter direct attacking style of play if weather is good...

3 if you really want play direct game you need passing ability 16+ direct style little fast tempo.

But as i say before if weather is good play short low tempo passing game.Counter direct style only when weather is bad.
I find it very akward playing counter attacks using a target man.. a target man may be able to hold up the ball and create spaces but he's damn slow dude! When you play Away i would only recommend playing in poacher style!

I would like to listen to any thoughts about that though :)
I play the counter tactic with just about every team I used no matter how good they are however although I think what people have suggested here are some great ideas, it all really depends on what players you have at the club and who you can bring in. This way you can make a tactic that suits your team and will most likely work much better for your team over a generic suggested tactic :)
Actually no, counter style is better for the bad passers, as you take the ball and ideally throw it to the wingers who run with it and throw it in the box. Short style requires better passing because it's important not to just be able to complete a 4 yds pass, but where you do it is more important, so generally keep direct passing, as you can't control the game when managing a lower team, and tempo doesn't have to be quick..I play with normal, even slow tempo and direct passing .

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