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FM23 fixing games

Forced to savescum
Started on 13 January 2023 by Frustrated
Latest Reply on 15 April 2023 by fc.cadoni
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I've found a great tactic for my Salford city team who were struggling in the premiership. After 4 promising results I've now started losing, but on each game I'm losing (4 in a row) I have had far, far more chances (say 25 chances v 10), far more half chances and clear cut chances and have hit the wood work circa 2 times each losing match. I have a strong central defence and 3 strong strikers. Every time I am losing at least 1 goal against if from an absolutely stupid central defensive error - either passing to an opponent attacker, a high header when under no pressure and no opportunent anywhere near the player or a bizarre goalkeeping error, such as diving the wrong way on a very slow shot with defenders having ample time to run back and clear but not moving. My strikers are missing open goals and my opponents are scoring on 50% of their chances, with at least 50% of those not being clear cut. I think I have broken the game. I don't think the programming will actually allow me to win and it is creating very bizarre ways to make sure I don't. This makes the game very unenjoyable because there is literally nothing more I can do, it's like playing a fruit machine, knowing it's heavily loaded to the house. This does.need sorting. I accept it will happen once or twice a season.
Have you tried changing your tactic to something else not previously used?. Bring in the second choice goalkeeper too for two games.
Just after 4 promising results? and another 4 games losing you are crying? wtf
Show some pictures of your tactics configuration, showing orders and familiarity., to have more chances mean nothing you can have 20 bad pretty low quality chances that together gives you a good xG and score less than a team with less but higher quality chances and with a lower xG.
And then maybe your players are nervious, without confidence, not to talk about the players attributes... what can you expect from Salford city players lol?
The tactic is not everything you need the correct players for a given tactic
Try only using players with Excellent Condition. You can find this on the selection page under Quick Pick - Quick Pick Guidelines.
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It is recommended that you use only players who are in excellent condition. On the selection page, this information can be found under the Quick Choose - Quick Pick Guidelines section. geometry dash world
Multiple times has been proved that there is no fixing games inside the game.

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