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how to import images in forum posts

will be grateful for any help
Started on 24 December 2010 by adamahc
Latest Reply on 24 December 2010 by Stam
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adamahc's avatar Group adamahc
12 yearsEdited
can someone tell me how to import pictures from image shack into stories please?
bl007's avatar Group bl007
12 yearsEdited
Struggled with this myself. I used Flickr instead of ImageShack, although the method should be the same for all image hosting sites.

1. Login to Flickr

2. Upload image onto Flickr

3. Flickr will give you a link.
This is where I got confused because I didn't know which link to use.
Usually a link ending in a JPG extension is good. The only mistake you can then make is selecting the wrong size image file because Flickr gives you small, medium, and large images to select from, well Flickr does.
For Flickr use "Share this|Grab the HTML/BBCode" to get the JPG link.

4. Copy the link with the JPG extension into memory

5. Open your new forum post by clicking on "Contribute|Write new forum story"

6. Write your text. Click on the image icon, and then paste the link into the dialog box.

Hope this helps. If there is a simpler way to do this please let me know.
Small images like the ones in the above post is easy enough to do.

For larger screen captures, you need to select an appropriate image sizes that will fit into the FMScout post window.

After clicking on your image in Flickr, go to "Actions|View all sizes" and select the smaller image to display in the forum post.

I still don't know how to make the smaller image EXPAND or POP OUT into a new TAB/WINDOW when you click on it. Last time I just inserted the link for the image below the displayed image (Small image within forum post border, and link to larger image below

Maybe someone else can help with that.
Popout / Expand solved

When you click on the "Share this|Grab the HTML/BBCode", Flickr will give you a link similar to the one below:

<a href="[email protected]/5231702217/" ><img src="" width="500" height="251" alt="1" /></a>

1st a href = big image (I dont have a JPG link, get and insert the JPG link from Flickr BBCode)
2nd img = thumbnail (this also from Flickr BBCode)

Your link should look like this link below. I found this in a forum post for a skin. You might also need to insert class="scale" as shown below. There must be an easier way to do this. I don't know why Flickr only gives me one JPG'd link in the BBCode.

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" class="scale" /></a>
bl007's avatar Group bl007
12 yearsEdited
Inserting Images into Forum Posts using Flickr
1. Upload picture/screenshot of FM2011 into Flickr

2. Click on "Add titles, descriptions, tags or add to a set" to get to your image.
You should see it like this in Flickr

3. Click on "Share this" marked by the red box, and select "Grab the HTML/BBCode".

4. Now a critical step. Select the radio button for the BBCode. Do not use HTML.
(HTML uses width and height which doesn't work in the FMScout editor. BBCode give links to whatever size image you want to use).

5. Those image sizes are:
Square (75x75)
through to Large (1024x819), but medium should be okay also.

6. Need to get the square or small sized image to expand.
You need the following:
Square (75x75) link =
Medium link (640x512) link =

7. Click on the link icon.
Modify as follows (big link first, small link second):

[url="><img src="" alt="" class="scale"][/url]"><img src="" alt="" class="scale"

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" class="scale"></a>

[img]"><img src="" alt="" class="scale"[/img]

I tried inserting the links to the images using (1) code icon, (2) image icon, (3) link icon, and (4) HTML.

The last option seems to indicate that the FMScout WYSIWYG editor doesn't allow for HTML tags to be inserted. I don't know how to get his to work without the HTML capability of the editor.

Tried removing all the double quotes.
And also replacing the <> with [].

Big image

Smaller image
thanks guys :) i am setting up a flickr now since it seems easier to follow the advice :)
Thanks for your very helpful posts bl007 :-*

Let me add that if you want to use thumbnails that show full size when clicked, you do it like this (without the spaces):

[ img=path-to-large-sized-image ] path-to-thumbnail [/img]

In case of flickr, the path to large sized image and the path to thumbnail is the same and the only different is the last part of the url. Small thumbnail has the "_s" in the end before the .jpg extension, medium has the "_m" and large image has the "_b". There are more versions generated you may want to try, like the one which is between medium and large and has nothing before the .jpg extension.

So the different available sizes for an image uploaded at flickr could be the following (ordered by dimensions):

Example of thumbnail linked to large version:

You are reading "how to import images in forum posts".

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