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Questions for Eugene

Started on 24 December 2010 by Stam
Latest Reply on 26 December 2010 by Stam
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I'm preparing a few questions for a short interview with Eugene. Feel free to post the questions you'd want to see answered and I'll forward some of them to him on your behalf.

I'll be sending him the questions soon (probably Sunday morning), so hurry up ;)
When will genie scout be released? ;)
Do you consider working alone best? Would you consider forming a team (maybe from FM Scout) to help you with the development of GS 11?

Now that you have a family (which would obviously demand higher attention and priority), do you reckon the development of GS should be handed over to someone else?

In the long term, what do you see for the development of Genie Scout?
Why don't you cooperate with the guys fron FMRTE or Scoutmeister to develop the software sooner? I do appriciate your hard work and you deserve the credit but if you have no time for developing the best choice would be to pass it over.
Of course when and where.
Asking when is pointless after all we have discussed, but asking where is plain stupid.

@Gurdit: Good questions mate.
@Stam: Thanks :)

I think our questions are probably being a little too pointed or putting pressure on him. So I have one more question:

What really inspires you to make Genie Scout? Considering it probably takes a lot of time, probably leaving you with less time to actually play the game...why do it? And especially, why do it alone?
when you started developing genie scout, did you expect it to have this much succes?
FM match engine is constantly updated, which i presume modifies the effectiveness of certain player attributes regarding player scout rating. Do you modify your scout rating algorithm to reflect that ?
@yerosh: Kai elega oti kati mou 8umizei to onoma :)

Thanks for posting your questions everyone. I'm closing this thread now and soon I'll be announcing our exclusive interview in the news.

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