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Local Zero's to National Hero's

Taking Kilmarnock to the top of Scotland
Started on 24 December 2010 by adamahc
Latest Reply on 1 January 2011 by adamahc
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adamahc's avatar Group adamahc
12 yearsEdited
I have decided that since no-one seems to have tried a story on a Scottish team, that I would be the first :)

I have edited the Scottish Leagues and Cups to make it more...interesting? Also to try replicating a time-frame for which a debate currently taking place in Scotland about reforming the Scottish Leagues is based on, give or take a few weeks.

After taking charge at the vacated managerial position at Kilmarnock FC, it was straight into the job, setting up training and tactics, and sorting out the squad and staff.

Once all that was done it was time to jump straight into friendly matches against:-

Winning only 62% of my friendlies isn't the greatest start but it will do for now, seeing as i have only been in charge for 4 weeks, but in general all seems well

p.s sorry about the picture sizes, if you need to see them better go to and search for [email protected] and they should all be there

p.s p.s merry christmas (happy holidays) guys
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Merry Xmas :)
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thanks guys :) unfortunately I struggle to understand bb-codes and stuff and they dont seem to work when i do them, any better than the ones that i have already posted
good luck with the story :)
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Ok so after another two months of being in charge, the league fixtures have start, and the team are settled in to the formations and training, the new singings have mixed well with the other team members and all seems well in the team.

After the first 7 league games here is how the league looks:-

Now considering we were predicted 12th I think we have done ok, with 1 win, 3 draws, and 3 losses and with a goal difference of -4, I guess all seems to be going “according to plan.”

There was one match that went down hill from the beginning, and cost me the most goals. A 4-0 drubbing away to Motherwell. The game consisted of 2 straight red cards for my squad (for "professional fouls," also 4 yellows (two each team) and x5 as many shots at goal to the home team.

With the fixtures coming up, I plan to get few more wins and maybe a draw or two, and hopefully if we play well enough and don’t concede we won’t lose any stupid matches against very beatable opponents, however I know Rangers will be a very tough game and to be honest, a draw would be a great result against them. Also with the two games in the cups coming up i hope to progress without much trouble however i do know how dangerous it is to underestimate teams which is what we shall not do!

As for the transfer side of things, here are the people that were brought in to bolster the squad, and those either loaned out or sold for financial benefit:-
Yes most are from Queen of the South, but they are good prospects/veterans and were reasonably cheap, and Bradford are now a feeder club which is why 5 players were sent on loan there.

The “best” player that was brought in I would say is Jordan Kirkpatrick, a right winger that can play striker very well.

The best player that was bought, I would have said, is Rocco Quinn, a central midfielder who plays well as an attacking midfielder, however in his debut match against Dundee United he was injured for 3 weeks, putting him out of contention for the rest of the month. Half-way through March however, i found and signed a player who takes the best signing all together...Fernando Ricksen.

The key player in the in the squad so far, based on average rating, (7.22) would be:-

With 5 players on 1 goal each, they are all my top scorers this month, and my most assisted player of the month is between 3 players.

p.s sorry this one is a lot longer
Well after another 2 months in charge at Kilmarnock, the results are starting to get more favourable than the first 7 games. With 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses the team have climbed from 11th place, to 9th. Also winning the 2nd round of the Scottish and League Cup, and a 3rd round win in the Scottish Cup.

Now with an improved goal difference (now 0, +4 than what it was after the first 7 games) and only 3 points between 7th and 9th a few wins could move me further up the table and safely away from the relegation and reg. playoff spots.

The result I am happiest about is of course the revenge we got on Motherwell in a 5-1 home demolition, which cancelled out their 4-0 win against us earlier in the season. Also our home for has continued with only 1 loss at home, while our away for has improved with 2 wins and a draw with 3 losses which is a better results %age than in the first handful of away games I played.

Also with three successful wins in the Scottish & League Cups I am closing in on the boards expectations of getting to the Quarter Finals of both, with a 3rd round match against Annan Athletic at home, and a 4th round match against either Motherwell or St. Johnstone, which I can see us winning, as we have beaten both teams so far this season.

The key player in the in the squad so far, based on average rating, (7.48) would be:-

He is also my top Goal Scorer with 6 goals (5 of which came in the last 5 games he has played), and is tied on Most Assists with 4, with:-

So all in all Best Player so far is Kirkpatrick, and since his loan doesn’t finish till the end of NEXT SEASON, I don’t have to worry about losing him any time soon.
This was the most disappointing 2 months so far, with only 1 point in the league and dropping out of both cups after the 4th round against two teams I have already beaten this season. This could be blamed on the injuries to key players however the form of the squad severely dropped after the first bad result, a form we couldn’t rekindle.

Due to only one point being earned in the past two months the team has dropped to 10th in the league, but remains several points ahead of 11th and only 1 point off safety. Although the results were bad the team’s is good, with more than half the team averaging on “Good” or better.

They only result I am truly happy with is the draw against Rangers FC as it we were expected to lose heavily after our run of form had dropped, and yes we defeated Anan in the cup however we were firm favourites to win so it wasn’t much of a surprise. However due to dropping out of the cups in the 4th round the only games we have left are the in the league so all focus is on keeping our heads above relegation.

The teams most proficient performer so far this season with an average rating of 7.25, and also remaining the teams top scorer with 2 out of the 4 goals we scored these past 2 months:-

And proving that though he is on a 592 minute goal drought, he can still help the team, with the most assists so far this season (5):-

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