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More than the recommendation?

Started on 28 December 2010 by cooganlfc
Latest Reply on 31 December 2010 by kratos
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I have just started a new game on FM, and for the first time I uploaded loads of league, and players from other countries via the custom database.

I got a message saying "Are you sure you want to start a new game with more than the recommendation number of players?"

How or will this effect my game?
The more leagues you have the more people and teams there will be, meaning more data and therefore a slower game. If you was to select just one league the game would move along fast. but if you was to select a higher number of playable leagues it would mean the game would move along slower and take loner to process and progress.
I usually play quite a bit over the recommended setting. Sometimes it takes a minute to load the next day and all the games played, but I don't think it really affects the experience of the game in a negative way. On the positive side, however, I really enjoy that most clubs actually play in a league and that you can see clubs develop etc. But I guess it's just a personal preference ;)
The game recommends only the English leagues for me, but I go crazy on it and pick around ten countries.
Being a lunatic myself, in order to compose my famous wonderkids list I loaded up all leagues and all players... a total of 310k players. The speed of the game was alright for my Quad-core + 4GB RAM, but I didn't even play the first season so I don't know how slow the game would be after a few seasons.
The problem isn't so much the first season as it is successive seasons.
i usually load up all english, spanish, italian, brazilian and argentinian leagues. with enough ram on your computer (4gb)its not really that slow. but there is one thing that i have noticed fm11, there are too many world class regen players at young ages, so after a couple of seasons you will have no real players left in your squad which i didnt really like...
"Slow" is rather a subjective and relative concept. What you call "slow" might be super fast for someone else. I recall playing FM10 with my pentium 4, with 7 leagues loaded, HALF A STAR in performance, but still, the speed was ok, and my save was taken to 2030.

So, try it, you're the only the judge of the speed of the game.

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