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Daniel Alves can't play wing back?

Started on 28 December 2010 by wjgreczyn
Latest Reply on 6 January 2011 by redalert
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Hey all, this is my first post here, so please try not to shout too loudly about any forum convention I may be flouting. I have a weird issue with FM 2011. I am playing as Barcelona and my Ass Man, Tito Vilanova, tells me every game that Daniel Alves is being played out of position. I play him as a right wing back, just behind the half way line (from the goal line upwards, the positions are Libero, FB/WB, and WB). His natural position is the WB-only position, with the more normal looking back 4 RFB position being "Accomplished". He seems to play okay, it's just when I look at my Ass Man feedback during a match it is always telling me I am playing Alves out of position (it also sometimes does this with Maxwell, who has the same natural position but on the left side wing). Further, it never tells me to move Alves or Maxwell from Accomplished positions to Natural ones, nor does it bother me when I put people in the wing back position who are only accomplished (i.e. Abidal). It also gives me no trouble with my purchase Philip Lahm, who is naturally a lot of positions. Is it my Ass Man or a glitch? Anybody else noticed this? These positions are quite important, as I play a W-W formation and need the more attacking full backs for width.

Thanks for reading, take care
hire a new "ass" might be a bug but tbh i never looked at what my assistant sais after the game is over
dont listen to him all the time.asistants can be wrong sometimes.they tell me that i shouldnt have Nihat Kahveci taking freekicks.people who knows about Nihat, can tell how terrible mistake it is.
No, you guy have wrong about the assistant. When he said "is being played out of position" then he mean that Alves is often roam from his position, as you know Alves always go forward to attack if he has chance, he is being played out of the position that you set him before the match kickoff.

Sorry for my bad English.
Well, hades, that does make some sense as I have my formation on high roaming. However, I've bought Marcelo and play him as a LWB and Tito still says he and Dani Alves (not ever Lahm) are out of position, even before the match starts, in the tab beside Opposition Instructions after the match preview (called "assistant feedback" or something).
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It's actually a glitch in the game. Got fixed the new patch.

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