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FM24 Wishlist

Started on 25 May 2023 by Stam
Latest Reply on 24 August 2023 by gonrivbar
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It's time to start talking about things we wish to see on the next iteration of the game.

My guess is that the officially confirmed addition of women football is going to happen in this version.

Regardless, I'd like to see a more advanced set-piece creator, meaningful ways to utilize the human manager's salary, and a stadium editor tool.

What would you change / add that would make Football Manager 2024 a better game than FM23?
1) Better AI transfer activity.
2)More camera options on the match day.
3)More interaction with the agents and the players.
4)Better Newgen faces...
5)To receive email with the highlights of the players you are scouting ! at least your Top targets by paying some extra funds..idk
6)Players' PA can also increase over time, or their CA can exceed their PA. So we can have late bloomers like Jamie Vardy.
7)More african leagues.
8)Better atmosphere in game ...Fans should be chanting.
9)Give the option to play in hard mode...the game is too easy currently for the experienced players.

I would be happy if they improved only the match egine and the 3d graphics...but we all know tht wont happen.
Hi. Wish FM24,
1) Edit/Change club kits Every season
2) change more cups/league champion presentation
3) Change / more team/ interview talk words
My wish is to Sports Interactive not to add the Players i've added on my file ^^
1. Tweaked Attributes Weighting for all positions, making physical less CA consume and increase the Technical ones. The end of Gegenpress has yet to come, but now being implemented different.

2. Less confusing in UX for Scouting. Sometimes is chaotic.
I think we should start as a under18 coach or manager & work our way up the managerial ladder.
looking forward to the women's league being added.
  • A full set piece creator section where you can actually see the set piece you are creating.Why have a board request of improve set pieces if you cant do anything about it other than hope it works?
    When a player requests to leave because they have acheived all they can and you have a discussion, allow the discussion rather than the player just state ' I am ok now you have come to see me. Again what is the point?

    More realistic offers for your players from AI.

    Change of shirt every season.

    Realistic prize money.

    More clubs getting fined and banned for FFP.

    More to come.....

I think the most needed ones are...

Example, big clubs doing just 1-2 transfers for 2-3 seasons only!!

2) Most important!! Just 1 good tactic and you can be a legend with whatever players you have...that's a joke! it must be a combination of players and tactics to succeed to make it realistic! The game is too easy..

3) For once!! Better newgen faces at last! they're a joke...

The game is the same for over a decade...
I want to add the Arabic language to the game. There are many Arabs who want to play the game, but they want to add the Arabic language in it so that they understand the game. It will be a great addition to the game, and the number of players in the Arab world will increase.
Be able to play as U18 or U21 manager.
Option to change kits.
Be able to design a stadium when your boards agrrees to build a new one.
Be able to play at lower levels in the English teir than we can now without having to downlaod a custom database.
Get rid of the press confrernce becase its just annoying and boring after a while.
Better player interaction.
Being able to use your manager salary.
In game shouts only being able to use 1 then wait for like 5mins is just annoying, espesially if you hit the worng shout by mistake.

Thats a few things for now.
Nice and simple, kit colours and design changes every season
me gustaria que pudieras ser el dueño de un equipo al retirarte como manager y poder hacer algo con el dinero que ganas
I want to play u18 or u21 team
In fact, many football managers start as youth football managers.
Sweden to be playable this time

Reserve team management

More immersive training

Better and more realistic press interaction
My wishlist:

1) Usage of our salary (to buy a house, a car etc.),

2) Coaching B / U21 / U19 teams

3) Games could be interrupted by fans intrussion

4) Influence referees + punishments if caught

5) Women Leagues & European Cups

6) More realistic tranfers

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