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Please help me, I am at my wits end!!!!

Crash Dumps at the end of every season!!!
Started on 29 December 2010 by mattyfla1983
Latest Reply on 29 December 2010 by mattyfla1983
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Hi Guys,

I am wondering if one or a few of you can help me if possible?

I am new to posting so please bear with me. Hopefully I am posting it in the correct topic.

I am an avid FM fan and have been since 2005, never had any problems with any of the games up until FM 2010 (hence the reason why I have never posted before on any message boards/forums or blogs.

Since probably the last three months of me playing FM 2010 and now ever since I bought FM 2011 I have been getting crash dumps at the end of every season. Usually once the promotion and relegation issues have been settled for the country I am playing in. I have played in about half a dozen leagues all with separate teams with the same result. I do heavily edit the nation rules in the editor for which ever country I play in (in fact I overhaul the competitions from scratch) and therefore I thought this was a contributory factor of the crash dumps happening at the end of every season. However in the editor when I test the nation rules it says they are correct.

But even though the nation rules were correct in the editor I thought there might be a problem with \Steam\steamapps\common\footballmanager 2011\tools\editor and then countries.exe (where all the league rules etc are saved) recognising the changes I made in the editor and therefore this is the reason why the crash dumps were happening. However I have just completed a season in Spain with the default Spanish competition settings and the same thing happened again.

Another reason I thought the crash dumps were happening was due to me using fmrte (I use this to edit any real time changes in the game) but completed a full season without fmrte and lo and behold I get a crash dump.

I know this is a common problem with fm gamers and there are a few posts about it in various sites so this may be a shot in the dark. Unfortunately I have spent hours going through these sites and implementing the changes people recommend on them to stop the crash dumps but I am having absolutely no luck at all. My lap top comfortably meets the recommended system requirements for FM 2011 so I know it definitely has nothing to do with that.

I am honestly at my wits end and the frustration is unreal and am really tearing my hair out. I could almost bear it if the crash dump told me what causes it and how to resolve it but there is nothing and this just adds to the frustration. I had an afro when I bought FM 2010 and almost bald when I bought FM 2011 :). Seriously though, I have tried everything so if any of you can offer my some advice I would really greatly appreciate your kindness. I have tried contacting SI and Sega but to be honest with you they are as much help as a chocolate fire guard. It is getting so bad that I am even considering switching to the FIFA manager series. I know it is a much inferior game but at least I can play with a team for as long as I want (certainly more than one season)

Thanks all and once again I would really be very grateful for any assistance.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Best regards,
hi long post there, well done for the thorough info.

well the first 2-3 saves i started with fm 11 were full of crashes. first i thought it was because i had downloaded the game from torrent(i hadnt gotten my real copy yet). so when the real copy came i installed and transferred FM10 graphics and my earlier FM11 save. it still crashed.

so i uninstalled everything, i downloaded fm11 graphics instead, i started a new save, and since then no crashes. also the new patches came which i think are helpful.

i havent used FMRTE so don't think that causes crashes.

i started a save with some editor(the one that comes with the game) changes and it started crashing.

and so far i have had no crashes at all. but i havent played more than 7months in game time.

either you try what i did, or you go onto SI forums and rage, because the bugs on FM11 are ridiculous. luckily ive always been bug free for some reason, but FM11 bugs came to me as well. which is annoying.

hope this helps.

Thanks for getting back to me and so quick.

I apreciate the info you have given me and I will try what you said. Fingers crossed it works.

Apologies about rambling on in the post, thought it was better to include everything that maybe contributed to me getting the crash dumps so people would understand.

I like you have always been bug free and never had a problem with FM but like you say the bugs on this years one are ridiculous.

Thanks again for your help and hopefully your solution works. Will also try my luck on the SI forums too.

Cheers and all the best.

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