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17,000hrs on FM2013 - But can't make my players cross on FM23

17,000hrs on FM2013 - But can't make my players cross on FM23
Started on 19 August 2023 by greg_united_72
Latest Reply on 19 August 2023 by greg_united_72
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Long time player of FM2013 - 17,000hrs (never used the editor once in that time).
But, I am so frustrated with the FM23 version.
I cant make my players cross the ball.
My style of play is old school of having a big man who can head a ball in the box and the wide men hitting the byline and crossing the ball.
My tactics are pretty much similar from FM2013, but every time a wide player goes forward, they hit the byline (goal line) stop, prop back onto their non-natural foot and cut the ball back to a defensive midfielder outside the box, or the dripple along the goal line till the reach the keeper at his near post.

I have tried everything, I have the right players with crossing ability, they are on support and not attack, they are told to stay wide, my formation suits it, there are players in the box to cross to? - I did get more success with "early crosses" but that stops them hitting the byline (goal line). I have told them as a tactic - I have told them individually, its one of their traits, but all that happens is my big man sits there shaking his head waiting for an easy tap/nod in and they turn back onto the weak foot and play it away to outside the box or shoot from a stupid angle.

I think the best way to explain it is to think of what Ashley Young was like as a left back for United, got forward, realised his left peg was useless, stops, pivots onto his right foot and sends the ugliest cross you ever saw.
They have the training, they have the technique, they have the crossing and passing skill, so why, it seems FM23 wants everyone to play the Spanish's style Tiki Taka instead of spreading wide stretching the middle and crossing one in
- Making instruction to hit the byline before crossing
- Choosing players that naturally cross
- Using overlaps
- Training crosses and wide play
- Playing wide when attacking
- Using support function instead of attack
- Changing the cross types (tried them all)
- Subbing players that wont cross and praising some after they do do it (this was a last attempt)
- Changing tactic styles and formations
- Choosing to play out from the back
- Choosing to hit the flanks
- Choosing to attack one flank
- Trying a new club, new players

Its like its outlawed to play old school - I know few clubs do it anymore, but if they have the crossing stat, whats the point?

Thanks in advance

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