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PlayMaker Training

Started on 4 January 2011 by Serenity94
Latest Reply on 6 January 2011 by trapatoni22
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Hi all
i have started a new season with palermo and i have javier pastore as a playmaker he is already a great player
but i need your help to give me some advices to give him best training scheldue to develop in the best conditions
Waiting for answers and thanks for help.
this is my training schledule for pastore:
Thanks mann i will try it ;)
I would reduce the ball control slightly and the aerobic to be just on 'medium'. Then put the spare on attacking and tactics. Looking at the great playmakers - fabregas, messi, xavi etc, their mental stats and passing/creativity are phenomenal so these are surely most important.
You could probably shave something of shooting aswell - playmakers by their very definition look to create chances for others not themselves, so high shooting ability not as necessary
I totally agree with PEP. A playmaker should, must have a load of tactics training. Shooting is no necessary, unless you want pastore as an attacking midfielder. Scoring but no playmaking.

You can figure out yourself, can't you?
Isn't the idea of training making the player better where he is more vulnerable?
So why Defence=none?
# trapatoni22 : this is my training schledule for pastore:

I think cursor of Tactic must be more than it.
# cefthym : Isn't the idea of training making the player better where he is more vulnerable?
So why Defence=none?

custom training is good to improve every player to get the best from them in the position they play on the pitch. pastore is AMC so he should be good at dribling, tehnnique, long shots, passing, finishing, first touch, creativity, flair. no need to be good at defeinsive skills because its best for him to be played as a free role. dont waste his talent on takling, marking, concentration...
i use my own custom training since fm 2006 and im very happy how my players are developing.
also, training is in high relation with tactic. if you dont play him AMC, for MC decrease the intensivity for shooting and increase it for tactic and defending

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