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how do i block this josh guy

totally fed up of his spam posts
Started on 22 October 2023 by MrLarnz
Latest Reply on 23 October 2023 by rekluse
Hi guys, Is there anyway to block certain users on this app? I've managed to block him on youtube, but he's doing exactly what he did for FM23, spam posting absolutely anything, he's releasing useless tactics 4/5 times a day and calling them amazing, unbeated, 190 goals blah blah blah.
totally fed up of loading up this website and seeing his posts every single day and not 1 of them are good tactics. what he does is download other peoples tactics and fiddles with them to make them his own, then spams them across loads of websites hoping for clicks on his youtube channel.
its repetitve and becoming a joke now.
so i need to know how to block this guy.
but they are the "ULTIMATE" tactics my friend..
Hey guys! I would love to talk to you personally about this with the messaging feature :)

Firstly sorry to hear your disappointment, I receive tons of good feedback on here, my discord, my videos, my streams and social medias so its never nice seeing this. I like to take a different approach with these comments and instead of argue it just offer to talk with you and see if I can resolve your issue. In this case I am not sure if you can block me, but I would ignore my posts if you do not enjoy them.

I cannot help but also mention I am not the only person to use keywords in my tactic titles you can scroll through the tactic pages and see several words being used to make a tactic sound appealing. Its common knowledge a tactic described as "Amazing" sounds nice than "Good". But for the FM veterans they are aware results with PSG will obviously be better than testing with Luton.

Lastly, I would like to apologise if the posts got in your way and also please pop by a stream of mine. This way you can actually watch me make the tactics and im more than happy to take criticism on board while I test them.

Wishing you both the best for the rest of 2023, and here is to a fantastic 2024!

+1 for a block josh button

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