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Bugs for GS11 version 1.00 beta 1

Submit any bugs you may find while using Genie Scout 11 build 127
Started on 7 January 2011 by Stam
Latest Reply on 12 January 2011 by Stam
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New version could be released by the end of this week or sooner. I've been away from home last night and couldn't speak with Eugene to confirm this, but will do tonight I hope.
# Evo : Small bug here, on player search ticking the "EU national" seems to filter out a lot of EU players.

+1 getting this as well.

Reuploaded to mediafire and in rar.

Enter text for the link here...
the same with the ue naional players as well here.
also a problem with the minimum fee release clauses
I am experiencing what almost everybody's experience.
I get these
"Error Loading Entity Number: 482
File Position: 23387009
Database Version: 1572
Team data seems to be corrupt, make sure your version of the FM Genie Scout 11 is the latest!
Team Type: -1"

hopefully Eugene will come up with the fixes as soon as possible.
Good job anyways for Eugene, even though we've waited a long while for this, hopefully the fixed version is very very satisfying.
"Invalid floating point operation" appears randomly when clicking on a line or scrolling :

Divisions are totally false. I.E. for France :
Ligue 1 => Super Cup
Ligue 2 => Second Division B
National => Club World Championship
CFA => Austrian 2 Liga North
CFA 2 => Amapa State
Eugene did a great job (again)!

[url= - Twente - Panionios -]savegame[/url]

thx for helping me with this error !
I'm getting this error:

Save game

Thanks for all your hardwork :)
Genie Scout worked for a while. Then all of a sudden i get the error message below. I haven't changed anything or used any programs differently to when it was working.

Save game:
I have the same problem than many people here :

Team data seems to be corrupt, make sure your version of the FM Genie Scout 11 is the latest

And I have my other game which is working very well with FM Genie Scout, it is not understandable.

Here is my save game

Again, filefront now. Hope helps.
Well a lot of bugs have been reported and i guess this is what happens when people aren't pacient enuff to wait for Eugene to do his job.Maybe this wouldn't be happening if he had more time to work on it.

I assume that the beta version of GS 10 didn't had so many bugs as this one.Nevertheless, i'm sure Eugene will fix everything sooner or later.

Again many thanks to this man who made our game more enjoyable, 3 days has passed since GS has been released and its gone viral, already 25k+ downloads.

Note:Yesterday i started downloding saved games from this topic, is funny to mess around with someones else carrier. :D >:) :-*

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