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Genie Scout: Where to find your Unique ID and how it works

Started on 15 November 2023 by Stam
Latest Reply on 15 November 2023 by Stam
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Where to find your Unique ID

You can find your Unique ID in any Genie Scout version dating back to GS11. This ID is the same for all GS versions for the same computer.

If you don't have any GS version installed, you need to install one. For example, GS23.
Download GS23

Once you open GS, click the big circular icon to the top left corner that should open the main menu.
Go to 'Help' and then find & click 'Donate' to the right column that slides next to it.

A popup window will come up and you can find the Unique ID there.

The Unique ID stays the same, regardless if you uninstall GS and reinstall it.

The ONLY occasion when the Unique ID changes on the same computer is when you upgrade Windows (e.g. from Win 10 to Win 11) or format the computer to reinstall Windows.

How it works

A key works specifically with the Unique ID it was generated for. If it's used on a computer with a Unique ID that doesn't match, you will get wrong data in Genie Scout.

For example, if you are at work and donate using the Unique ID from your work computer, the key file you will receive will be useless for your home computer.

After successful donation you shall receive an email containing the key file as an attachment. Sometimes, this might end up in Spam, so make sure to check there too.

Once you get that email, download the key file and place it inside the installation folder. By default that would be:
C:\FM Genie Scout 24g

If you did it correctly, you will see your name at the top bar of the GS main window. Otherwise, it will say "Owner is absent".

The key file is version specific

While the unique ID remains the same between different Genie Scout versions, the key file will only work for a specific version. So if you donated for GS23g, you need to donate again for GS24g.

What if I have 2 computers?

Remember that you only need to donate once, even if you want to use GS24g on 2 computers you own for example.

Simply pass Eugene the unique ID of each of them and he will provide you with the keys. You can message him directly at [email protected]

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