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language packs, need help urgent!!!!!

Started on 8 January 2011 by iiiioooque
Latest Reply on 8 January 2011 by iiiioooque
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iiiioooque's avatar Group iiiioooque
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i dont know if i am allowed to talk about this here, or if this is the right forum, but anyway i need some help!

i wanted to know why the original language files that come with the game are .ltc extensions, and why every laguage file that i find on the net is .ltf, what are the diferences between those two ?? and why am i not able to put my game in portuguese?! i´ve tried everything since changing the name of the extension from .ltf to .ltc, loading them both . . . i don't know how to fix this and i really would like to play it in portuguese!

if anyone could help i most appreciate it!

Buy the game. It is 100% in Portuguese
I guess you're wright!

but . . . still, can u help me ?

i simply don't agree too giving money to a corporation like SI . . .
# iiiioooque :

i simply don't agree too giving money to a corporation like SI . . .

Next year there will be no FM 2012.
do you really believe that with all those million copys sold arround the world the poor billionaires wont have the resources to improve their already very good existing game system ??

you must be jokin, but i guess that im not a good person to discuss about this sin ce i bought CM 2001, CM 4, FM 2005 and 2007.

i've played them all since 2001, but only bought those, because i felt they were really worth it!

maybe ill be amazed with this years edition and go buy it in an act pf madness!!!

but to do that i must play it portuguese!!!!
well, i thought you should know that im goin out tonight to buy the game!

you should be happy for persuading me into it, im shure SI will thank you for this!

keep FMing and tnak you for your help!
go to this site :
# zlatan1995 : go to this site :

thank you zlatan, if you'd come a bit sooner maybe i wouldn't bought it!

but thanks anyway!

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