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Der Scoutmeister - Beta Out

Started on 8 January 2011 by Meister
Latest Reply on 31 October 2011 by Stam
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The error description is currently useless, there's no sensibility of what errors when you get something like that, so you only need to post the save game. Anyway, I guess I'll be updating this soon, doubt anybody cares.
I'm really looking forward to the new version.

Thanks for your efforts.
# Meister : I'll be updating this soon, doubt anybody cares.
Trust me when I say that a lot of people care!!!

We just don't want to bother you with all our useless moaning like when is it coming, any idea on the date, does the new version support..., can you do this..., etc.

Your program is one of the most usefull ones I've used !
I keep getting that same error ever since I updated the game to 11.3.
Meister do you have any idea on a release date?

Will it be another beta version or will there be more options availeble?
Just bringing this topic back under attention...
Sorry for the massive delay.

Here's a hotfix to get the tool working for the 11.3 patch, new features are coming in the next versions of the tool.

Click me!
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
13 yearsEdited
Cheers mate :)

I've updated the download page for it and added some news on homepage.

Have you decided what the new features will be and if we'll see a new version before FM12?
I've decided on some features and it will be out before the next version of the game.
Good to hear you're still working on it ;)
This program is worth the wait :)
Rlarsen's avatar Group Rlarsen
13 yearsEdited
i get the following error when i use the 11.3 updated scoutmeister when trying to load my 11.3 savegame

*EDIT* ok - ill upload my saves to Netload and post like here when its done
Error reports are currently worth zilch and only clutter this thread.
You need to upload your save game to somewhere like Mediafire and send the link to me so I can see what's the matter.
i just tried to start a new game.

scoutmeister started out working without a problem - but the after a little while i couldnt load my save games anymore and get the error

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