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did you ever consider?

supporting teams
Started on 9 January 2011 by iiiioooque
Latest Reply on 10 January 2011 by iiiioooque
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hello, i'm "new here" signed about a week or so i think.

i've been lookin arround and i like the site and the forums a lot, good work!

did you ever consider to put the team name which the user supports, under his profile thumbnails in forum posts and such?

keep up the good work,
(the late GS 2011 has been fabulous to experiment)
Well i thought you could add that yourself?
Yeah I changed my avatar to LFC logo after King Kenny was appointed. :D :D
i guess yes you could add it yourself, but one only has access to it if you click the user profile!

My suggestion is to put that right below your team status!

like this for example:

user is online

keep FMing!!
Hmm I guess it is an interesting idea ;)
But you could also just add it in your signature :)
I agree with Zonnegod
you can go to the users profile to see his information.
I had it appearing below posts count in forums posts as well, but some people write like 2-3 teams and it's not looking so nice.
Besides, you can see it on public user profile.

A lot of interface changes are planned for the next fmscout version. There's no fixed release date for that yet, but I believe it should be ready before spring.
# Zonnegod : Hmm I guess it is an interesting idea ;)
But you could also just add it in your signature :)

that's a great idea, and also avoids the "not lookin good" issue that stam just mentioned . . . one tiny problem though :

i dont know where or how to change my signature, ive looked in update profile menu, but i havent found it! enlighten me please :)

To change signature yo go to update profile you scorll down and where your avatar is underneath there is a box and you could write there.
My god i must have been blind to not see that!

thanks macdab!

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