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My Suggestions to FM2012

Feedback please!!
Started on 11 January 2011 by naff123
Latest Reply on 15 June 2011 by BenLFC88
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Evening all!! :D

I posted earlier but think it got missed out


Kit Editing!!

What is stopping Eidos from doing this as it used to be in Premier Manager 1995 get offered a selection of Kits sponsors to pick from and maybe every other season be asked by the board to suggest or be asked to pick an change the kits by a reasonable amount!

More Stadium Editing

On FM Online last year i noticed you can name the stands in the grounds
i would love this to be able to happen in FM normal it could add a more personalised touch or customize to tailor to meet your needs

Random Events/ More Fan animations

So for example things which could disrupt play i.e people running on the pitch streakers e.t.c.
If you have a tiny club who beats united or huge clubs in a cup match the fans invade the pitch
Or even better you can see people using Flares in the crowd waving scarfs you know create more of a atmosphere

And Finally!

Club Mascots

Why not have a sort of fun feeling to the game if in the background every now an then you see the club mascot gearing the fans up or just random entertainment

What do you think??

feedback??? Your ideas maybe??
I like the kit editing part! Seems pretty cool!
And Also i thought for players who come into the EPL or any other league and cannot speak the language a training option should be to send them to a language school for a month or something for a nominal fee i.e £500 like the price of injections but in turn would make the player Unable to play for 1 month.
nice ideas mate :) i think they should show what they do on FIFA(xbox/ps3 etc.) like having them come out and play a song of your choice as they come out! i think this would really be good, so if like like always top of the league could use "unbelievable" and if your team is in relegation and they are battling could use "the great escape theme"

what do you think to these ideas?
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13 yearsEdited
I no this would be unrealistic but it would be could if at pre-match the players turned round
I think random events and club mascots are good ideas because I think it would be nice if you could see such as events.
yeah, i think it would be good if you could have like open training days in like proper football! so then you could get youngster join your youth team, like you could accept or decline them....
i think they should fix the player movement... all of them like a robot... sometimes make me pissed...
I'd also like to be able to save my opposition instructions so I always close down wingers without having to do it at the beginning of every game.

Also I'd like it if there was some different dialogue in private chats. When I'm constantly negative I get fed up of only getting in response "That's an interesting point of view. Have you got anything else for me?" and when I leave it's always "I think this meeting has run its course." I know it's petty but that annoys me because I feel like I'm being rude.
Lol these ideas are so practical its silly not to include them!

i really hope FM consider them an put them forward!! you should be able to also call old players out of retirement like Edgar davids was for Crystal Palace :D
And maybe like old Yeading e.t.c why cannot we see teams who are struggling financially Merge together i.e yeading town and hayes to make Hayes & Yeading or see some teams cease to exist if it is that bad for teams i.e pompey nearly went and so on!
I'd love to see all of these in FM 2012 and some more achievements for any Steam players on here, if you don't know what I'm on about then just ignore me. All of the ideas mentioned here though should definitely be in 2012.
Stadiums & Training Facilities
I want to see club facilities as 3d and choice and follow up construction of stadium/training facilities as we want.

Team Change & Staff Team
I want to change my team with all my staff team. During contract stage, managers must be agree with board about their staff team. i don't want to terminate old staffs contract and agree with my staff team one by one after changing my team..

Choice of the kits every pre-season.
Hidden Personality attributes
I'd like to see a personality part of a players profile where over time from managing a player you become more familiar with his personality attributes. For example after one year of managing a player you'll know whether each of his personality attributes are between 1-10 or 11-20, after 2 years 1-5, 6-10, 11-15 or 16-20 and so on until after 5 years managing a player you are fully aware of his personality attributes.

I find it strange that you can know a players technical and mental attributes to an exact number while you never learn his personality attributes without the aid of a scout utility or data editor.
A staff shortlist would be good too.

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