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FM25 new features and ideas

Started on 31 May 2024 by Stam
Latest Reply on 18 June 2024 by juvenviana
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FM24 had its final patch on April 9th, so it's a good time to start talking about things we wish to see on the next iteration of the game.

It doesn't have to be strictly new features, but also areas where you believe FM could do with some improvements and refinements.

So, in what ways do you think FM25 could be better than FM24?
Hello. I propose the inclusion of cautions and ejections during the match for the coach who complains too much or comes out of the technical area and the consequent overheating of the match atmosphere. I suggest inserting goalkeeper fouls into the match so as to cause penalties in the box, hand fouls outside the box resulting in cautions or expulsions. I propose to include injuries even during rehabilitation or rest day (obviously this should happen very rarely) such as virus, cold, flu for example.
I would also suggest the fact that footballers rarely miss taking corner kicks (the ball does not go in after taking it). I propose to include the punitive withdrawal decided by the football club if the team does badly and gets bad results over a certain period of time. I propose the following feature in the game: give a yellow card to the player who takes off his shirt after scoring a goal
Couple off the top of my head.....
1. I'd like to see a "scout all" and/or a "view in player search screen" buttons added to screens like the the NXG50 and best 50 players screens. Grates on me having to scout them individually every year.

2. Have the DoF, Tech Dir, Head of Youth etc work better. You can have them all on the best possible stats and they still try to sign/renew awful players. How when your the best team in the game with the best staff and top of the range Youth setups do you have consistently poor youth takes.

3. Make further improvements to player contract negotiations. You always get average players wanting top whack wages. Let the managers explain that the players arnt as good or arnt reaching the levels of performance that your top players are getting. Also make it easier to buy players and fit them into your structures. Buying wonderkids shouldn't expect to be selected for every game all the time.
1. Increasing the difficulty level of AI during matches (old and newgens).

2. AI Squad Management and Transfers need to take account much more about attributes and season stats, instead of reputation (lowering the % of reputation choice).
I just hope FM25 uses multi core to ensure we can run more leagues & mods.
Simple topics:
1. Each manager should have an agent, to be able to interact with him and ask him to check if there is an interested club for him to move to, set parameters such as league, big or small club, training club or with money, etc. At the same time, this agent can inform the manager that there are clubs interested in him, and carry out negotiations to exchange at the end of the season, for example.

2. Clubs should have salary caps according to their reality, don't let a club like Benfica, for example, not be able to sign a player who earns 5 million a year.

3. There is a modality to be able to be President of a club, with the ability to manage and hire a manager and players and be able to delegate certain functions.
Possibility to create a new stadium and choose a model, there are several models and prices, at the time of construction make that choice.
place a 3D editor for equipment, being able to make modifications once a year at the end of the season.
Youth recruitment, should inform the young people observed during the season, with global coverage if resources are spent on this, and negotiate the hiring of these young people during the season.
More Detailed Tactics and Instructions: Add more layers of complexity to tactics and instructions, allowing for finer adjustments.
Being able to create player positioning in each quadrant of the football field. This way we guarantee that the tactic works at different moments of the game, that is, for example, when without the ball, placing the ball in the corner of the penalty area, and moving the players on our team, those we want in the area of ​​the ball, those who We want to cover whoever is in an offensive situation...etc, and do this for moments with the ball and without the ball.
Transfer and Negotiation Logic
Realistic Offers: Improve the logic behind transfer offers, better reflecting players' market value, their recent statistics and contract situation.
Club Competition: More effectively simulate competition between clubs in the fight for players, with larger, richer clubs often outbidding smaller clubs.
Example, a young man who renews with Odense, and Chelsea wants to sign him, the club agrees to negotiate for x amount, and then the young man doesn't want to because he renewed his contract, or because he thinks it's not ideal, these types of denials are 1 % by 100%, so they should improve this situation.
The faces of the game should have a fixed template with the 3D jersey of that club's player, and when hiring a new player, they would only have to change the template on the jersey, and the new player's face would appear with the new jersey.

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