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Current/potential rating VS. current/potential ability

Started on 16 January 2011 by Fmmaniac87
Latest Reply on 9 March 2011 by Pep
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I keep getting different answers and i would like to settle this once and for all :) lol

This kind of confuses me..I have always used "rating" when im looking for a player. Potential rating i use when looking for talents and current rating when im looking for players who are 23 or older.

Is this something i should keep doing? Or should i look at potential ability instead of potential rating when im looking for talents??

What do you do? Please try not to be to complicated :P
Ehh well ability only says how developed the player is and how much further he will develop. This does NOT imply that the player is good. (as he could have the wrong stats for his position)
Rating from Genie Scout, however, takes into account the position the player plays and what stats are useful in that position.

So to conclude, keep doing what you are ;)
Agreed. But you should also pay attention to individual stats because rating is like a weighted average. You don't want a DC with Tackling 11 just because Pace is 20 :)
what i usually do is:

1st- i use genie to scout the players that are missing as starting 11, for this i use the current ability since i want them to be able to contribute as soon as they arrive!

2nd- i use potential ability to search for subs to my starting 11, this is because as the months go by, with training and occasionally playing, they keep improving and one day (i hope) will be better than my starting 11!

i like to take future in consideration when i buy a player or construct a team, so i only use current ability to search for one missing spot in my starting 11 that needs a good player and fast! for the rest of it i stick with potential!

but i play with a team which has a relative budget so i'm able to choose! for lower league teams, maybe you should look for cheap and talented players with the current ability!
Talerin is right, the rating from Genie Scout is a generic weighting for each position, the weightings can be changed from the menu but the weighting's Eugene has set up are normally pretty good. If you have a specific tactic set (or a couple of specialised positions) then the generic weightings may not give you an accurate reading for that player eg a good libero might only have average DC ability but be excellent because of his expressive talents (which aren't considered important for your average DC).

Just a note, my best ever FM player (from 09) had a top CA of 149 and a % ability of 76 CM but, as his stats were excellent for the attacking playmaking midfield role I played him in, he was far better than the other midfielders I had with CA's of 180 and ability of 80+.
Keep in mind that the rating offered by genie scout is (partly) subjective. Different attributes have been given more or less weight in the calculation according to what the author (Eugene) thinks is right. I actually wonder if the weights have been changed with this version of genie scout (or if not perhaps they should) because in previous versions of FM my assistant/scout ratings would more or less agree with genie scout (for the top flight) - i.e if genie scout gave a PR of higher than 78-80% my scouts would give a potential rating of 4 stars or more, and the same for current rating. However I increasingly find thats not the case and so am looking more at ability.

Also note that the potential rating in genie scout can change - i.e if you sign a defender who has very bad marking attributes, his potential rating in genie scout would be lower. But if you then concentrate his training on marking, causing a dramatic rise in this attribute rather than others then his potential rating will increase.

Bottom line: the best players will be those with high rating and high ability!

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