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Tactical Philosophy - need suggestions

Started on 24 January 2011 by lopolla
Latest Reply on 21 March 2011 by Cruz
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Hi all

I am starting a thread on my team - and I would to hear your opinion.....

I have for a long time played 4-3-2-1 (narrow) tactic (well I have been flirting with 4-3-3 for 2 seasons - and is now playing 4-3-2-1 again). It goes like this: "DL, 2xDC, DR, 3xMC, 2xAMC, ST". I am troubled for the individual settings :-/

My philosophy is basicly trying to play fluid, short controlling football (controlling when I can - otherwise counter attack) - instructing my very good full backs as support - coming as support along the sides - playing in narrow towards opponent field.....the tactic has worked - promoted with rotherham to Premier League - and placed 7th in 2nd season - so I am satisfied but I do find the tactic could be improved - so I could use some suggestions from all of you outthere :)

Here is the tactic:
DR/DL: Full back support
DC: Defender (stopper and cover)
MC: box-to-box midfielder - sometimes combining with other possibilities
AMC: VERY unsure (often one is advanced playmaker - and the other AMC attack
ST: Sometimes complete forward - and sometimes poucher (because I do have difficulties creating goals :-/

I have these challenges:
1. My ST does not make many is Nicklas Bendtner at the moment - using him as poucher/complete forward - any suggestions on how I should instruct him?
2. I have problems on corners/free kick - I don't seem to make many goals on this - any specific instructions how to make goals on these standard situations (what abilities are good in what positions concerning corner kick / free kick)?
3. How should my settings concerning MC, AMC & ST support my wish to play fluid, short, controlling football?
4. A question a little out of the box......I am setting each setting individually (e.g. closing down, tackling, etc.) - as an indicator I look at their score on the relevant thing and set it accordingly to their score here - is that correct - or should I do something else here?

I am looking forward to hear suggestions from you guys :)
I can give you some standard advice as far as CORNER are concerned. I believe FM 2010 used to have a bug which allowed too many goals from this corner. Now, I think this is fixed in FM 2011, but I still manage to get plenty of goals from this tactic.

For this, you will need 2 players with very good Jumping and Heading attributes. Ideally, you should use your DCs. Set the best header (combined with jumping, determination, positioning and off the ball) to "Attack far post". Set the other one to "Near post flick on". Finally, set one of your strikers (whichever one is stronger/taller) to "Challenge keeper". Set your corner kicks to "Far Post".

In the old system, I did not have "Challenge keeper" and the second defender used to be set to "Attack near post", but that doesn't work. I've noticed that many times, the main DC (attacking far post) will get his head to the ball, but it narrowly misses the other pole. Hence, having the other defender near the near post can flick it on. So far, in this season, in the Premier League, with Michael Turner (who is BRILLIANT, no matter what Genie Scout says) and normally Scott Dann or Bramble or Pape Diakhate as secondary defenders, I am leading the stats in terms of goals from corner (7 goals from 13 games, second highest is 5 and there are a number of teams on 4).

Also, here's a variation. I have Edin Dzeko (who is a brilliant Target striker), who has very good heading stats. So when I play him in my starting eleven, I normally set him to attack the far post, set my good heading defender to near post flick on, and set the other defender to challenge keeper. I can't tell you if this has worked or not, because the little ass went and got himself red-carded TWICE! So, I will experiment some more from this and let you know. :)

Meanwhile, try the tactic I said for corners.

Set your best headers (central defenders) to go forward (near the opposing goal). Then, set your free kicks to "Best header". I have had Michael Turner (DC) score me quite a few goals from free kicks this way.
I use this corner tactic too, very effective.
Here's an example of how this tactic works:

In this match, we gave away an early goal. But we clawed back 2 goals, both scored through corners. :)

Note the importance of having Scott Dann there with the "Near Post Flick On" duty.

Edited the link. Had put the wrong link by mistake.
only seeing a zoran tosic goal. Wheres the corner?
Sorry about that, posted the wrong link. Edited the post with the correct link.
Thanks for the advice - I will now implement it - and see if it works.....concerning corner kick (and free kicks) - I suppose you also have the other players to fill the other roles? (go forward, lurk, etc.?)

But thanks for the advice!
For the other players, I just let the AI decide what to do best. I think they take the positions on the basis of mentality or whatever. If you want, you can tweak it to ensure that you have enough cover at the back. I normally prefer to have AT LEAST 2 players back in case the opposing team breaks into a counter attack.
Cruz's avatar Group Cruz
12 yearsEdited
you wrote that your phylosophy was "trying to play fluid, short controlling football (controlling when I can - otherwise counter attack)"

as I do the same I can only recommend to download the Dutch Total football tactics!

these tactics may be too attacking minded for you, but you'll have to adept the individual tactics to your players (depending how good they are...)

if you have a fast defence (with good positioning ratings) and fast midfielders (positioning!!!) then you should play with a 4-2-3-1 tactic! (DM's or CM's doesn't matter, best with 2 DM's - who run from deep....)

but if your defenders are slower then you should play with one DM and a deep def. line (because the empty space between midfield and defence is suicidal ;) )

like this:


This phylosophy is THE BEST in my opinion (when you have a good squad, of course)! and the counter-attack mode is always ON... that's total football!

If you want your team to control the game, if you want to create 30+ chances during a game, if you like beautiful football, then these two tactics are really the most effective!

the most important thing to keep in your mind is THE MIDFIELD! this is the key to success! try to get the best out of your midfielders, but you already know it (as I see), that three midfielders is a must :)

I hope this can be useful to you, peace out! :)

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