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Team Talks

What do you tell different players in different situations?
Started on 24 January 2011 by Wagger
Latest Reply on 12 September 2011 by aggy71
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I have been playing FM for a long time now, and have got myself into a habit of wishing my team luck before a game, then just getting my assistant to do the half time team talk and I will make a full time team talk based on the result I wanted. What does everyone else do? Does anyone else have a set team talk routine they go through every game, or are you looking at morale, the way players react, or their rating? I'd also like to hear some proven methods because a good half time team talk is often the difference between a great comeback and a devastating loss.
When at home i'm more demanding!
I play a continental reputation team so, i expect to win every home match, so i act really pissed of at half time if i'm loosing, and disappointed if i'm drawing! it usually works!

when you're playing away thats another matter!
it depends on the importance of the match you're playing, but most of the times i either say 'play for the fans' or let my AM take care of business!

usually at the end of the match i often talk directly to the man of the match and congratulate him more than the rest of the team, but only when he really played good like 7.80 and so on!
Great! I'll give that a go and see what happens. Unfortunately I have decided to manage Weston Supermare (competition with a friend to see who does the best with them) so I will expect bad results some of the time.
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Been doing some experimenting with team talks recently (reloading, replaying and recording player effort, performance and possession etc with different team talks). Heres what I use

It seems that "for the fans" is the most effective pre-match team talk at home and sometimes "we can win this" if you are underdogs.

When away "for the fans" can be effective but "we can win this" usually gets the best results from if your slight favourites to heavy underdogs. "no pressure" can be effective if your heavily unfavoured or morale is very low.

"wish lick" seems to be effective if your team is overconfident, form is really good and odds are close.

If losing I always say "I want to see more from you".

If drawing I almost always say "disappointing", the exception being any players who have a rating of 7.0 or higher, to these players I say "pleased" or "you have faith".

If winning by 1 or 2 goals I almost always say "encourage", "disappointing" if the performance is bad and we're winning by luck and most players have rating below 6.9 (players with rating of 6.9 or higher saying "have faith" or "none") and finally if we're strong favourites and dominating "don't get complacent".

your methods are very similar to mine, although they seem a bit to rough!
when i'm winning by luck i usually tend to moralise my players so they can take advantage of the luck they benefited from and score a few more :D

but otherwise, your/our approach seems to be the most reliable! good job
I like to treat them mean and keep them keen :D .

Only really say "disappointing" when were winning if most of the players ratings are below 6.9 otherwise they get upset and I wouldn't say it if we we're getting lucky against a big team that are better than us.
I have seen very similar things being said on other forums. But I didn't feel like I could trust them. I will definitely try this because it seems a proven method and thanks for sharing!
Also, do you have any tips on full time team talks?
If I win I almost always say "good result", if a player gets a rating of 7.5 or above I always say "delighted" unless there are more than 3 players who have a rating of 7.5 or higher, in that case I say "delighted" to the top 3 rated players. (This improves the chances of your players listing you as favoured personnel)

If I win against an equal or weaker team and my teams performance was average or bad I say "warn against complacency", "disappointing" if the performance was terrible and most player ratings are below 6.9.

If I draw against equal or weaker team I say "disappointing" ("pleased" or "delighted" to players with 6.9-7.4 and 7.5+)

If I lose to equal or weaker team I almost always say "disappointing". Lose to a much stronger team usually "sympathize"

  • Remember to factor morale into full-time team talks, If morale is mostly very low maybe say "pleased" even if you lost. If morale is very high and the team is in excellent form use "warn against complacency" more.

  • I remember reading an article some time ago about team-talks by some guy called wolfman or wolfgang or something from FM08 or 09. Was very helpful and got some good insight from that.
    Fantastic. I've employed these tactics over the past three games and I've noticed an increase in morale already! I used to be mainly very poor but now only three players are being stubborn because of the low bonuses :L.
    i have a doubt in this matter!

    does anyone of you know why close to the end of the season, when you've already made the necessary points to win your league, the 'play for the fans' option isn't available anymore, at least when you play home??!

    thanks in advance
    # Wagger : Fantastic. I've employed these tactics over the past three games and I've noticed an increase in morale already! I used to be mainly very poor but now only three players are being stubborn because of the low bonuses :L.

    Low bonuses??? Bad idea, bad idea...
    I knew it was a bad idea while making the decision, but we just couldn't afford the payout, I'd already been spending way over the wage budget. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but since I've been using Evo's team talks, morale is sky-high. I'm winning games and I'm fourth in BSS with the worst English team on the game in my first season :)
    And the worst English team is?
    Weston-super-Mare :D
    For me team talks after half time and full time depend on what ratings my players have...So when the match begins Fm gives 6.6 for all the players.If they have more than 6.6 in half time or in full time i say that i am pleased or delighted with them.I only say that i am delighted when they have 8.0 and over.At the other hand if they have 5.5 and under i say that i am angry with them and many times they do very well after half time or in the next match.
    Also a tip in manager (maybe u have read this) is that we don't have to be so demanding when we play away cause it affects the players...And when the match goes to extra time i always say to my players:"we need one more goal" :P

    (sorry for my english...protect ur eyes hehe) :P

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