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Defending Corners/Freekicks

Started on 26 January 2011 by Gurdit
Latest Reply on 9 March 2011 by Cruz
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Do you guys have any good tactics for defending corners and free kicks?

I have good tactics for attacking free kicks and corners, but I seem to give away too many goals through set pieces for my liking.
Firstly, look at the marking for your back 4 and defensive centre mid. If they are high, put them all as 'Man Mark' then look at height. If tall, 'Mark Tall Player' if small, 'Mark Small Player'. I fmarking is low, just 'Go Back' or 'Mark Post'. It is vital to have mark post because they need to clear off the line if the keeper gets beaten.

Another thing is before every match check your focus area on match preperation is 'Defending Set-Pieces'.
Thanks for those ideas, I'll try to implement them. :)
I discovered an interesting tactic, it might not be the best but it is definitely interesting, and if you have good defenders you might not concede at all, i didn't have time to test it with more teams etc, but i had great results with it.

I discovered it by trying to reduce the amount of goals I was conceding from corners after I was kicked out of the cup and UCL, from the 4 goals that I conceded 3 were from corners :<. I saw that if I keep more players forward the AI will try to keep 1 more than me as well.

To shorten it up: 2 players marking the posts, but important MUSTN'T be the full backs, depending on my tactic I have either the wingers or central midfielders. Centre-backs are set to mark tall players, the full backs to mark player/mark small player and a defensive midfielder, if you have a good one put it to edge of area, or if you don't have a good 1 put a player to close down corner. All the other players, and if you have quick wingers here they are good, keep them forward, will result in many counter-attacks and many goals, while drastically reducing the ones you concede.

Test it as well and come with some feedback, you will see why it is so interesting after the first 2 corners, and why it always keeps you with your heart close to exploding :P
left+right back on the posts, your best guys in the air marking. everyone else stays upfront.

for me that is 2 strikers+2midfielders stay upfront. CF+DM+2 CB's set to man mark.
in my opinion the default settings are the best when defending set-pieces.. I don't concede many goals from corners & free-kicks, that's why I have never experimented with that!

one of the most important things perhaps is that your defenders who mark tall player - are STRONG (16+)

strength is as important as jumping when it comes to defending corners..

jumping, strength & positioning are the key ratings IMO,

the heading ability, as well as determination and courageness, are important for other situations, not so much when defending!

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