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Create new players classification coeficients
Started on 28 January 2011 by genio
Latest Reply on 28 January 2011 by iiiioooque
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Hello, first I apologize for my English.
I am developing a tool that uses the data exported by fm genie scout to analyze my current team and look at all the best players in the world to buys and the best to stay on the team.
Use since the FM2009, always with excellent results (an Portuguese last league club win the league champions in six years!).
I use to classify the players the coefficients of position players, with a mix of current and future (i accepte a proposal to improve the formula).
Right now wanted to put these values more accurate with my tactical, but it is not possible to create a new rating of an existing position, nor is there a place where you can change the importance of the position in question. An example is the case for central defenders, where I plan to have two different types, yet the rating or work for one or the other. change the libero ratings to the second central player, however the attributes are correct it will always take into account the ability the player to play in the libero position, which I do not want.
If anyone has a suggestion, or if you can talk to eugene to include my code in next update fm genie scout would be fantastic!
I could use this in my application.
# Meister : I could use this in my application.

I have seen your aplication, and it did not have an option to export or all the ratings visibles. If i give you the algoritm you will be able to put all of this in working?
I have the code written in Java, and I'm not an expert at programing (this code is first writen when I'm starting to learn, so it need improvements).
Certainly. The public download is the first beta version, so it's bound to not have all the features the complete version would have. Just send me a PM and we'll talk.
A PM?!?!
A private message?
@ genio

I didn't understand the totality of your problem, if you PM me in portuguese, I can help you better!
If you are in desperate need of help, do it and i'll help you properly!


btw, which team have you played that won the champions 6 times in a row?

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