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Football manager - You really aint the manager!

Started on 29 January 2011 by lee24utd
Latest Reply on 29 January 2011 by lee24utd
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Hi all.

Just wanted to check if anyone else has noticed this weather it be a bug (i think it could be)

But well makes me think am i not the manager?? :S

Ok well i decided what the hell il do a save with man utd, after 1st season the board offer me a new contract
i go into view offer.
"they offer me 39k a week" im thinking fine i dont care as i cant do anything in game with my wages anyway

but heres the thing.... the game wont let me accept any less that 59k a week!!
surely i should decide what wages i want as im the MANAGER lol

Anyone else seen this?

p.s also something thats got me thinking lately is.... am i right to think this is odd how every single player asks so much over the odds in wages too?
id understand the top stars doing it, but i experimented by bidding for a youth in league 2 and yet he still wanted like 90k a week :S thats a huge wage hike from less than 1k he was on lol. dont make sense!
I've experienced something like that myself!

A while ago I came here to the forum to know if your wage as a manager would count on the total wage budget of your club, it doesn't! nevertheless, when my board offered me a new contract, i tried to ask for something below of what they were offering, and it wont let me :O I don't know why but it just wasn't possible!

Kinda makes you feel powerless doesn't it?!
haha i had the same in the beginning.
after my first season the chelsea-board offered me a 6mil/year contract. but in order to keep my finances balanced i decided to ask for 1€/year contract which they happily accepted ofc.
well in my last year of contract i couldn't accept a new contract because they offered me 3,9mil and the lowest i could go was 5,2mil or so.
Ahh but at some clubs in real life the chairman will make sure they have to final say in signings, contracts etc ;) so in that sense maybe the game is even more realistic!
I think all of you are missing the point...

The point is he couldn't accept the contract offer as he had to go up to 59K a week. I've had the same problem, I want to sign a new contract but I'm offered lower than what I'm allowed to accept therefore I had to reject the contract offer.
Im afraid Hayes is correct, would seem you all have missed my point a little, although thanks for commenting...

But yeah the fact i cant accept the contract the board offer me is just simply wrong!

ME as a manager should be allowed to accept,decline or ask for less or more when it comes to the contract i will sign, not be forced to only accept higher than accepted.

If thats what realistium is then jeez i want in to imaginary land lol

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