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Issues in MLS, and with Day/Night matches

Started on 31 January 2011 by baneofdeath
Latest Reply on 6 July 2011 by sperlz
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Hi guys

Been playing FM/CM for 15 years now. First post on this forum.

I usually start with MLS for the past 3-4 years, as I believe its more realistic to expect a random unknown manager being given a shot at an MLS club over a 2nd or even 3rd division club in Europe. Starting unemployed never seems to work out, as there aren't many Asian managers getting chances in Europe in any case :)

Anyway, MLS usually has some issues in the FM series, mostly minor bugs, but this time its a bit too poorly designed.

1) The new franchises never show up, not even 10-15 years in the future.
2) The salary cap is very variant from club to club, which shouldn't be the case.
3) Unlike real life, the academies of the clubs are not part of the club, but rather "feeder clubs", which makes it very difficult to bring up youth.
4) Developmental contracts cannot be given for some odd reason. So promising youngsters have to be given a senior contract, which would be fine, if not for the fact that the squad sizes are limited to 20 seniors, with spaces for 4 additional developmental contract players. Why give spaces for those players if we cannot give such contracts?

This is a particularly damaging feature as it limits the effective squad to 20 players, with no reserves or academy players standing by in case of injuries or suspensions. Very challenging, but not the planned purpose of being realistic.

I would like to know if this has been seen by other people playing in the MLS as well, or is it just a random occurrence?

Also, I like the introduction of night matches, and matches with different timings. But apart from the graphics bit, what is the purpose?
For example, my Toronto FC team play like shit during the day time, more so during mid-day kickoffs. But during night time, the same players transform into world-beaters, winning routinely and quite well.

Is it something to do with stamina? Is it the training? Is it photophobia? Are they vampires?
Can someone help?


I'd put my money on the vampire-theory !
Looks like no one else plays MLS :) Considering the number of Americans playing this game, you'd have thought there would be quite a number...
just read this and thought i would reply as I have just completed 3 seasons with Toronto FC on the 11.3 patch.
I too had all the same problems with development contracts and I also couldn't offer new designated contracts for some reason to players who already had them. If you notice on your first screenshot, there is a huge fixture congestion towards the end of the season, where you have to play around 4 games in a week. I had to play 6 games in 7 days! Big bug there. Also the whole league is broken, because if you win the MLS then the game doesn't recognise that you have won it. None of the players have the win in their competition win history and you as the manager dont get it either, so even though I have won the MLS.. the board are just satisfied with me. So no reputation increase or anything. Possibly my most pointless FM savegame ever.

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