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NTM's Video Story

Started on 24 February 2011 by TheSupremeNTM
Latest Reply on 25 May 2012 by allinonegame
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I just read this comment on YouTube:

I love your videos but u need to bring them out faster it takes like 30 mins to do a month on fm but u bring your vids out like 1 every week :( but keep up the great videos

Here's my response:

It takes me much longer than 30 minutes to play through a month because I have all the 52 nations loaded with all the divisions and large database.

The episodes come once a week because this series is not popular enough and thus it doesn't get any extra treatment. A series with 26 thumbs up and 26 comments simply won't get any more screening time than once a week. All the episodes of the first season are already done, but they have to wait for their turn to go online because out of the 748 views this episode has by now, only 26 people care to support the series. It's all about the likes and comments.
Mate, you can embed youtube videos directly into your posts by using this tag:
Where CODEHERE is the value of the 'v' variable of a youtube video. For example in this address that should be this part _URI2ttvL7k

I'm not sure you would get more likes and comments doing so, but I guess it could be worth a try. Anyway, I really enjoyed your video story so far; it's a fresh approach.
Thank you mate, I didn't know about this forum command ;)

About the likes & comments: I just want people to know that those are important because it's a way to show Machinima that the viewers want to see more. It's Machinima who decides when the episodes go online, not me, and when Machinima sees that the episodes only have average popularity, they don't prioritize the episodes and treat them like every other video. As I said, all 12 episodes of the first season are already done, Machinima has them but doesn't upload them as often as some viewers would've liked it and one possibility to speed up the process is to give the videos more support. This was the point I was trying to make in my YouTube comment.
Let me get this straight. What is there for you to win from being a Machinima director? Any decent revenue?
Machinima has a huge audience which is interested in gaming videos. Primarily, I do all these video for myself but I also want to reach as many people as possible with this videos and Machinima gives me this opportunity. This is what I get out of it.

The whole point of the post that opened up this topic was, if people want to see the episodes go online more often, they need to support the videos. Machinima listens to the viewers and once machinima sees that a particular series is getting popular, they will give this series more air time.

It wasn't the first time that I was asked by a viewer to post the episodes more often. I don't know how the vierwers find my videos so I openend this discussion on every forum where I have a story thread in order to explain the situation to the viewers because many seem not to know that it's also up to them, how often a series gets uploaded on Machinima.
Thanks for clarifying that. Perhaps you could be successful without them though and also be the one to decide when to upload a new episode.
Check your PM :)
Episode 11

Episode 12

Season 02 Episode 01

Hey TheSupremeNTM, I'm a aspiring YouTube commentator. I was inspired to start making video's about Football Manager by you. I would love for you to watch my video's. I am Subscribed to you and really enjoy all your content. Any tips about how to become as big as you? Thanks. My Youtube. If you reply or comment on my YouTube I would be very grateful. Thanks for your inspiration to get me into making YouTube videos! :D
Hey mate, thank you for the support ;) I think freddiew, a popular YouTuber with over a 1 Million subscribers, gave 3 very good tips on how to be successful on YouTube.

Here's his video: 1 Million Subs in 1 Year
Hamsik as a striker? :/ I ve had him in my Man city game and he made an insanely good duo with Sissoko in the centre of the midfield.
Not to mention you have Lavezzi and Cavanni
Yeah, Hamsik as a striker is a risky undertaking.

Season 02 Episode 02

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