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Player development thru matches?

Started on 2 March 2011 by gert78 / First Post
Latest Reply on 2 March 2011 by gert78 / Last Post
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It's known that player devellop more by playing games than by training.

My question is as follows. Obviously 1st team games improve players more than reserve teams games wich in turn improve players more than youth squad games. But what is the ratio? Is the impact on player devellopment greater if a player only plays reserve squad friendlies than if the player plays the same amount of competion youth games?

I ask this question because in some leagues there's insn't a reserve squad competition ! So do I play my promising youngsters in my youth squad or play them in friendlies against league reserve squads or non-leauge first team squads?

I hope you understand my question because English isn't my native language...

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