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The best regen strikers ever!!!!

Started on 5 March 2011 by godsgifttoearth
Latest Reply on 15 June 2012 by Ory1997
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i have most definitely put together the best regen attacking group ever to grace FM. (now if only i can sort out the rest of the team!)

can you beat these guys? 350goals between them.

Wooww, those are some damn good players! How much have you achieved with Sunderland so far? And are they all in your starting 11?
WHOA! 4 super good strikers in in same file? Just how many goals did your Sunderland score every season?
i usually favour the 2 wing forward style players (high crossing stats) around the central poacher. i was dominating the domestic season (premier league is terrible standard now) i keep get unstuck in the euros on account of my lack of defensive prowess. athletico madrid are the new euro powerhouse and i usually get them in the quarter finals every season.

usually scoring a huge amount of goals, just leak quite a few at the same time. im still looking for good goalkeepers and a solid defensive set up. its where my annoyance at the regens starts to come in. seemingly good strikers are quite abundant, good defenders and keepers on the other hand are like fairy dust, as is the flair stat.
Wow. But no offense but I am always very sceptical when I see such regens. To get 4 strikers like that not only in 1 game but for 1 club seems a bit FMRTE to me...
Ive played FM many times all the way to the end and I typically only see that many great strikers in total throughout the game..not within 5 years of each other. Id say that natural regens in general often have skewed attributes...these guys are perfectly perfect in all attributes useful for their position and thats it....
i have one also : kelechi ezekwe
not gonna post a screenshot for a reason i'm not gonna tell XD.and whats FMRTE???
he scored 102 goals in 189 games and he's only 23. ibet i'll bet he'll score 500 if he retires
The first regen (fking beast) but,
28 years, only 22 caps?
That's weird.

Achour from france! Pace 20 acceleration 20 woohoooo!
I can bet they are Edited ... Why even bother to show us how good your regens are? It's just sad....
Hmm, I don't know if they're edited. Maybe he increased the PA to 200 on some already good players ;)
Yeah indeed, they seem too perfect to me as well, I once got a super uber mega duper striker, but I had to play like 15 seasons to get that, there were many more worldclass strikers I agree, but as other said they had some weaknesses if they had 20 acc/pace etc, usually very low composure or finishing or something, not that well rounded.
Well if indeed you were so lucky to get them gz to you, but I am sceptical on this one.
I have a game with saints and i'm in 2029 it took me 3 seasons to get into the premier league and by then some good regens were available but i had to shop exclusively in Brazil and Argentina but as the games progressed I've seen some of the games best players come out of Paraguay, Croatia and Mexico. There has only ever been 1 player with 20 for finishing on my game and that was yaya sanogo about 10 years into the game having said that i now have a monster striker from Italy who I poached from Man city when he was 16 his stats were pretty awful (finishing was 9!!!) but because he scored the winner on his debut in a community shield game i decided to stick with him and ease him into my first team, now he's 19 and has scored 62 league goals in 100 league games numerous hat tricks and even 5 goals in a game once, his finishing has risen to 15 but he is still mega average on paper but he scores so many goals im talking 30+ league goals for the last 2 seasons and for a 19 year old i thought that was immense. Just goes to show they don't need 20's across the board to play well in a team.
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12 yearsEdited
These are strikers with great attributes indeed, but obviously they aren't very special because none of them scores over 25 goals for the league consistantly.

Except for the Russian guy.

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