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Taking Job Down Under

Playing Gold Coast United
Started on 9 March 2011 by macdab55
Latest Reply on 17 July 2012 by OliverAUFC
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Taking the job Down Under.

Nation Taken:

Poland and
All from the lowest possible leagues which adds to around 60000 and it is 23 leagues form 7 countries.
Starting Date is: Australia 1.6.2010
Team which I am going to manage is Gold Coast United in Hyundai A League.

About the Team:
Year Founded: 2009
Status: Professional
Reputation: Continental
Stadium Name: Skilled Park
Capacity: 27400

About the Manager:
Nationality: Poland
Favorite Team: Gold Coast United
Past Experience: Amateur
Reputation: National
So unknown manager have taken on a job at Gold Coast United and the chairman will see if he have done good job finding this manager by setting this manager a challenge of getting Gold Coast United to qualify into continental cup.
Transfer Budget is 2.2 million pounds which is quite a lot for a team like this.
Wage Budget is 30,000 per week.
New manager’s first job was to create new tactic for a team which is:

Then he have set match preparation for team blend very high.
He have also set a new training for all squad.
Then he have searched for a new assistant manager. The best chances to sign a contract is Dariusz Dziekanowski who is favorite assistant manager of this manager.
After all of this he had look for whole squad and see if he needed for a new players and after a long looking he decided that there were no need for new players this season so no transfers in summer transfer window.
Half-way through the season.
So my Gold Coast United team is currently after 15 matches so Half-way through 2010/2011 season.

Currently my squad has played quite well: 7 wins,6 draws and 2 loses which means that they have 27 points and they are currently 4th in the table.

Well my team did OK against teams which are in 1-3 spots.
North QLD Fury FC 1-2
Brisbane Roar FC 2-1
Perth Glory FC 1-0

So 6 points out of 3 games which is about 66%.

Maybe I didn’t sign any players but I sign some staff for Gold Coast United.

Here it is my squad current games played and number of goals scored.

Overall I think my team is doing quite well and if I finish season at place which my team is currently in than Gold Cost United will qualify into Small Final(don’t ask me what it is because it is 1st time I am playing Australia League and I have no idea what it is) and maybe if they get into 1st 2 spots than they will qualify into Big Final which I would prefer because the highest position which Gold Coast United had ever finish which is also a media predictions so that is my aim and Gold Coast United is nearly there.
After 30 games

So Hyundai A-League(Regular Season) has finished and it was really hard but until last match it was between me and North QLD Fury FC who will get the top spot. Which also meant that Gold Coast United will play against North QLD Fury FC in Big Final. They have also qualify into Hyundai A-League Final Series with North QLD Fury FC, Central Coast Marines, Perth Glory, Melbourne Victory FC and Sydney FC and for the first time in next season Gold Coast United will play in AFC Champions League.

The team have played quite well with 16 wins, 10 draws and 4 loses so performance wasn’t so bad.

Results Against teams from 2-4

North QLD Fury FC 3-0, 0-1
Central Coast United 1-1,3-0
Perth Glory 1-0 ,1-1
So team have played quite good against these teams and they had 11 points out of 18 so only 7 points lost.

For the first time Gold Coast United have the Hyundai A-League(Regular Season) and team have got 44,500 pounds which is not a lot but it still the money and the board have increase the transfer budget from 0 to 650,000 pounds so now the Gold Coast United have 650,000 for transfers and 60,000 for wage budget.

My team status:
Hyundai A-League Final Series:

Big Semi-Final First Leg:

North QLD Fury FC 0:3 Gold Coast United

Well quite good performance from Gold Coast United players but probably not as good as North QLD Fury FC because I thought they played a little better so before half time when Gold Coast United had been leading 1-0 at the end of the match it would be a draw or win to North QLD but I did not thought that it will be quite high win from Gold Coast United. I think the best man of the match was Bruce Djite because he came on in 45th minute and manage to score 2 goals.

Second Leg:
Gold Coast United 2-2 North QLD Fury FC

I think both teams played on similar level so I think draw is fair result for both teams but I kind of hoped to win this match as because last match I have won 3-0 and this time my team had played at home which would be easier but on the other hand North QLD Fury FC is quite good team which finished 2nd just 1 point behind me and they had been in first place from match 8 until match 28 so most of the season and Gold Coast United was just luck that they managed to sweep in into first spot in just 2 games left in the season.

Big Final:

Gold Coast United 2-0 North QLD Fury FC

Well Gold Coast have meet North QLD in the final and they have played them sixth time this season which is quite a lot for 1 season and they have also played 1 friendly which makes 7 games and Gold Coast is slightly better in those 7 games because its 3 wins, 1draw, 3 loses for Gold Coast but Gold Coast have 13 scored goals and 10 loses. I think North QLD played slightly better than Gold Coast United and yet again Gold Coast managed to win this match and win their second trophy this season. I think the best player was Joel Porter because he scored only goal for my team( second was own goal) and he made few good crosses.

In my first season with Gold Coast United I have won 2 trophies: Hyundai A-League(Regular Season) and Hyundai A-League Final Series which makes me 4th best manager in Australia and just 11 points behind 10th manager of Nationality Polish so maybe another season and I will be in higher position in nation: Australia and be in nationality: Polish.
when playing in the a-league i cant buy player of other a-league clubs??? y that??
#58344 perthbjpurvis : when playing in the a-league i cant buy player of other a-league clubs??? y that??
because it apart of the rules in the A-League

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