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Damn my strikers form!

Started on 15 March 2011 by lee24utd
Latest Reply on 23 March 2011 by Cruz
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Hey all

Well updated to 11.3 (horray!.... i noticed alot of people complaining of bugs but for me its a decent patch alot solved issues i had.

Anyways. hope all is well....
Heres my story

I decided hell il manage my team manchester united :P

Made some very expensive signing (yes putting even more financial troubles on my beloved club lol)
Must note these are high priced fees (weirdly no clubs seem to accept correct values on players on my game,very one is expensive) but most are part money, part monthy payments etc.

Gareth bale (36m) - failed due to injury in community shield v chelsea (anyone know how to get him into form?)
Signing alex smithies as usual
David stockdale (im shocked to tell he actually performed really well for me!

Arron lennon (39m) - one of my best signing

and heres the big trouble i have and main reason iam here!

Jermain Defoe!! signed for 30m and he started really well banging in over 28goals with rooney supporting him, but then wham! he couldnt hit a barn door! after 25ish games im struggling with him, and not sure how i can get his form back!
Does any one know of a good way to do so?

Oh and to those who will question why the hell would i sign these! i just wanted to see if i could strike up a great partnership with defoe and rooney! with lennon being the provider for england!
I just tell them that they're not performing and maybe rest them for a week or two. Works for me and hope this helps :)
Hey thanks for reply

I thought that would work too, told him (now them) and rested although now im struggling due to injuries defoe being the last striker fit currantly lol
Just my luck ay?

Oh well hopefully he will wake up!

p.s - in your game is players like bale doing ok? on mine hes either injuried or not playing well at all

In my third year as Arsenal and disappointed to say Bale is doing very well indeed, scored twice against me at the Emirates.

If you're not getting the best out of them, you can always consider dropping them and giving them a warning that they need to pick up form. Or, change their training routine, if nothings working then maybe you need to consider how you approach them at HT/FT team talks and private chats post-match.

Hopefully you can get the best out of them soon, would be a shame to waste money on those signings to see them flop (especially as they're talented players).
I never seem to get high profile players back on form when I am at a big team, but somehow what I do seems to work when I am at a lower league.

As for people asking for Bale's performance, he always gets bought by united for like 20m or 30m somewhere between that...and from what I have seen, he always has an average rating of around 7.4 from 30/40+ games.
I think with lower league/end of table sides there's less pressure on the players to perform consistantly week in and week out, whereas in higher end situations you face more games, more competitions and more chance of failure.

Playing a weakened side in cup games can sometimes have negative effects on the first team players that want to be getting games, however it can also benefit them by giving them a rest and a chance to not worry about one of the comps. (Obviously, playing a weakened side can lead to getting turned over by other clubs)

If you can't get it right in your first season, don't assume it won't click in the future, you could try the same tactics you currently are (on the same file) at a new club later in your career and it may work. You never know.
I played a game at Tottenham and Bale was playing great, the only high profile player that I had problems with was Fabregas :< couldn't get the best out of him.
# tomy : I played a game at Tottenham and Bale was playing great, the only high profile player that I had problems with was Fabregas :< couldn't get the best out of him.

Fabregas can be a shocker, especially in your first year, although it depends where/how you play him. When I use him as an advanced playmaker in MC he plays fairly well but doesn't contribute to the goal tally each year (Usually only maxing 4-5 goals a year), whereas when he's played in the hole behind the striker (AMC) he tends to add a few more goals, still not as many as Nasri in AMC mind...
If your striker doesn't work:
(in this case: J.D.)

1. make him your target man
2. play the ball into feet
3. if you're playing with two strikers: always let them switch positions!
4. don't let your strikers shoot from distance, instead let them run with the ball
5. always motivate him ("I have faith in you", "you can make the difference", when he scores say you're delighted with him, not just pleased) ;)

a short pass game will make your team have 25+ shots per game so there will be plenty of goalscoring oportunities!

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