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Does it make sense to play with FMRTE & Genie Scout?!

Started on 24 March 2011 by Cruz
Latest Reply on 25 March 2011 by Cruz
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(first: excuse me for my bad gramar, my English is not the best)

Lately I've been asking myself: Does it really make sense to play with FMRTE or/and genie scout?!

if you can set things up the way you want, where's the point in playing at all?!

a couple of months ago I downloaded these two apps and of course used them on the game I played for three months till then;
I really enjoyed this game, but after that... blaaaah! I didn't even think about playing FM at all for a couple of weeks!

Now I've downloaded the 3rd patch and started a new game, but it's not the same any more, you know... :(

that's why I've opened this topic, to read about your experiences, if you had the same problems as me, and please write me ya suggestions how to make Football Manager enjoyable again!

Don't you think that it's way more interesting if you sometimes make errors, bad signings, and all this stuff...? I do.. :)

Thanks, peace!
if you want to make FM more enjoyable. make your own challanges.

try to stay realistic when signing players and sign more domestic players. don't sign unlikely signings and stuff like that.

if you want to you can make it more interesting for yourself without any tools and such. simple really.
i don't use them because i think it will make the game far to easy. however an argument for the use of them is that FM is a bit crap at showing player progression. if im watching a 16-17yr old, i want to have some visual representation of his rate of progression. ProEvo in the master league mode has a line to represent this which i think helps decision making when it comes to buying players. i want to see that over the 6months i've been scouting him, stat X Y and Z have increased from A to B. the same way you can see the improvements of your own players. the scout should be able to show this as it doesn't take a genius in the real world to tell if someone is improving at a certain aspect.
Create your own team. Use FM Editor (not FMRTE) to create a new team from scratch. For example, currently I'm playing a team with my hometown name. I started in the third national division in Portugal and after 6 seasons I managed to promote it to the top division. It's one way to make FM enjoyable again. I remember spending a max of 5K in transfers and now I've just signed a player (regen) for 15M. I think I might be up to challenge for European Cup this year!!
It can be much frustrating in the first three seasons as you won't have enough money to spend on good players but, thinking of it, that's not the issue because in the first place no good player will be keen to join your club.

Good luck!
thanks Guys!

@ Rui Pedro: This is a great idea, very challenging IMO!

I'm taking a break from FM now, mostly because of the spring weather here :-) but I will probably miss FM after a while, when it starts raining again :-D

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