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EURO 2012 Predictions

Make your predictions for individual matches and qualifiers
Stam's avatar Administrators Stam 2011-03-24 19:40
gr 2338 posts 821 likes joined Oct 03, 2006

UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying matches will be kicking off tomorrow featuring six fixtures. The final tournament of the 14th UEFA European Football Championship will be held in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July 2012. Ticket sales for the finals have already been launched. It will be the third time that the final tournament is jointly hosted by two countries (after Belgium/Netherlands in 2000 and Austria/Switzerland in 2008).

Sixteen national teams will compete in a total of 31 matches to be crowned European champions. The format of four groups of four teams will be used for the last time in this tournament. The competition format will change for the next edition in 2016 as the lineup of participants competing in the final tournament will be increased to 24.

The groups for the qualifiers will be contested across the usual league system on a home-and-away basis. The nine winners and the runner-up with the best record against the top five teams in their group will join the two hosts in the finals. The eight remaining runners-up go into play-off matches in November 2011 to decide the final four sides to join co-hosts Poland and Ukraine, making it 16 teams who will battle for Spain's title.

It would be interesting to read about your predictions for this competition starting from the qualifying round. It might come in handy for the ones engaged into online betting.

Group A includes Germany, Austria, Belgium, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.
Group B has Russia, Republic of Ireland, Armenia, Slovakia, FYROM and Andorra.
Group C features Italy, Slovenia, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Serbia and Faroe Islands.
Group D consists of France, Belarus, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Luxembourg.
Group E includes Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Moldova, Finlandand San Marino.
Group F has Croatia, Greece, Georgia, Israel, Latvia and Malta.
Group G features Montenegro, England, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Wales.
Group H consists of Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Cyprus and Iceland.
Group I includes Spain, Czech Republic, Scotland, Lithuania and Liechtenstein.

Which teams do you think will make it through from each group? Feel free to make your predictions for individual matches as well.
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macdab55's avatar Group macdab55 2011-03-24 20:24
pl 1462 posts 29 likes joined Nov 13, 2009
These are games for 25th and 26th of March and my predictions

Group A
20:30 Austria 1 - 1 Belgium

20:00 Germany 4 - 0 Kazakhstan

Euro 2012 - Group B (qualifiers)
16:00 Armenia 0 - 3 Russia
20:00 Andorra 0 - 3 Slovakia
20:45 Rep. of Ireland 2 - 1 Rep. of Macedonia

Euro 2012 - Group C (qualifiers)
20:30 Serbia 2 - 1 Northern Ireland
20:45 Slovenia 1 - 3 Italy

Euro 2012 - Group D (qualifiers)
21:00 Luxembourg 0 - 3 France
19:15 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 - 1 Romania
20:00 Albania 1 - 1 Belarus

Euro 2012 - Group E (qualifiers)
20:30 Hungary 0 - 2 Holland

Euro 2012 - Group F (qualifiers)
18:00 Georgia 0 - 2 Croatia
19:05 Israel 1 - 0 Latvia
20:30 Malta 0-2 Greece

Group G (qualifiers)
16:00 Wales 0 - 2 England
17:45 Bulgaria 2 - 2 Switzerland

Euro 2012 - Group H (qualifiers)
19:00 Cyprus 1 - 2 Iceland
20:00 Norway 1 - 1 Denmark

Euro 2012 - Group I (qualifiers)
22:00 Spain 2 - 0 Czech Republic

I think Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Netherlands, Croatia, England, Portugal and Spain will go through as winners of their group and in my opinion other 5 teams would be: Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Sweden and Switzerland.
Zonnegod's avatar Group Zonnegod 2011-03-24 20:27
nl 227 posts joined Nov 21, 2010
Hmm my guess is
Group A Germany Belgium/Turkey
Group B Russia Slovakia/Ireland
Group C Italy Slovenia
Group D France Romania
Group E Netherlands Hungary/Sweden
Group F Croatia Greece
Group G England Switzerland
Group H Portugal Denmark
Group I Spain Czech Republic
Not quite sure what will happen after..
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macdab55's avatar Group macdab55 2011-03-28 16:00
pl 1462 posts 29 likes joined Nov 13, 2009
29/3/2011 Matches
Czech Republic - Liechtenstein(3-0)

Lithuania - Spain(1-2)

Israel - Georgia (2-1)

Sweden - Moldavia(2-0)

Holland - Hungary(3-1)

Turkey - Austria(2-0)

Belgium - Azerbejdian(4-0)

Romania - Luxembourg(2-0)

Estonia - Serbia(1-2)

Northen Ireland - Slovenia(1-1)

In brackets are my predictions.

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