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New Ideas For FM 2012

Started on 24 March 2011 by nhill84
Latest Reply on 25 March 2011 by Evo
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I reackon they should introduce a stadium design interface within the game so that when you expand the 'current stadium' then you get to choose which corner of the ground you want to modify, and/or if your building a 'new stadium' to have the option to choose the location of the site, i.e. city centre, counrtyside etc, and maybe taking it from there they could show the cost implications of your decisions and how it will affect/ benefit the club ????

I reackon they should also introduce a player/manager option, again link in attributes from your game into your managerment style, or have it that if your always 'playing' then this can affect your role as the manager. etc ??

I think they should be a link to the job of director, if your a successful manager over time, then link it in the game that you are offer a directors job, so you can manage the manger and make the overall club decisions ??

Let me know what you think guys !!!
I still think that a players position when "not on the ball" feature is a must and it would be really simple to do. And also greater tactical control aswell and more in-depth interaction with staff scouts players and the boardroom maybe a general meeting between the chairman like they do in real-life. :)
I reckon this thread already exists
Sorry, the text (=my rant) became a 'bit' longer than I expected :p But I guess it's worth taking the time to read. I am really interested in how you guys think about these subjects.

Firstly, I hope they get rid of 'player value', as this value is not even close to the sale value 99/100 times. and every time a player is sold, the value will equal the value of the transfer for some months, after which it will decrease again.. My current rule of thumb is to offer 3-3,5 times the player value for good players under 25..

Secondly, I would really like to see an improvement in the decrease of stats when a player gets older, as some players can last much longer (For example van der Sar who is still an amazing goalie at 41, but also quite a lot of non-goalies). In FM I have never seen a player who started under 30, who was still useful for a top-club at the age of 34..

Thirdly, finances. SI should focus more on stabilising finances in the long run, as, after about 10-20 seasons, the clubs that play regular european football have amazing finances, whereas the other clubs (unless they get lucky with good signings) are all in financial trouble.

Fourthly (and possibly most importantly) the use of stats and consistency of players. Due to the fact that the ability of a player is mostly based on their stats, there is a relatively easy distinction between a 'good' player and a 'bad' player. Whereas, in real life, the ability of a player is pretty much solely determined by their performance.
I would rather see a complete revamp of the game mechanics, where the manager is only able to see how well a player is CURRENTLY performing in a certain area (for example: how much of his crosses arrive lately, what is his shot on target ratio, how well is the player doing technically in the past X games). This would, in my opinion, greatly increase the realism in the game, as in real life, stats can sometimes be very inconsistent. I know that there is a consistency factor between the hidden attributes, but I think that this applies to all stats at the same time, not to individual stats.

Fifthly, loans. Maybe it is my style of playing, but every time I am in the need of a loan player, I fail to find one and I get the feeling that clubs only want to loan out the shittiest of their players, which can be great if you play at the bottom of a league or in a second division, but in the many FM games I have played, I have never, ever, loaned a player from a club who was good enough to obtain a first team position in my team. (Since fm11 I have actually given up loaning players from clubs..)

Some other minor things:
I would like to see the possibility to set the transfer status of a player to "Available for loan, ONLY if he will get a first team role", as I keep getting loan requests for prospects to cover someones first team, which I don't want, as I usually already use them as cover to give them playtime.

The possibility to change my contract offer. Sometimes, when one of my players has less than half a year of contract left, I offer them a contract and try to get down the wage as far as possible, but a few hours after I offered it, another (bigger) team offers them a contract as well. So to make sure they don't reject my down-negotiated contract, I want to change my contract offer. But FM only gives me the option to withdraw my previous offer, and when I do this and try to offer my player a new contract, he tells me that he is no longer interested, because I removed the last offer.....

Actually, the entire feature of players rejecting to listen to your offer is the worst change I have seen from fm2010 to fm2011. Because after spending lots of time finding a good player who fits your transfer budget and managing to get your offer accepted, it is indescribably frustrating to see that red text-balloon telling you the player doesn't want to talk to you.. Especially, because many times, you just know that a player would have accepted your offer if they would have listened. I think that the fact that a player will talk to your team is too much based on the past reputation of your team and not your financial capabilities or the quality of your current team.

Oh and one final thing: Club takeovers. My current club has had about 5 seasons of transfer embargo's and takeover speculation, but every single time (there have been about 20-25 possible takeovers) has failed so far.. What's going on?
Good points there though I think player value is useful even if it isn't the sale value.

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