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legen...wait for it...dary!

Started on 3 April 2011 by l3nnart
Latest Reply on 4 April 2011 by l3nnart
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Basicly I'm sick and tired of not being remebered and honured by the clubs i train just because I don't spend 25 seasons there... I think it's retarded how SI interprits who becomes a ledgend at a club... I mean how is i that a manager that takes a club from the 4th or 5th division to the top of the country and then does a great job in Europe, is less likely to be rememberd than a mediokre striker who becomes top scorer for a couple of seasons in the middleleauges... I mean, just as players, managers are first and foremost remeberd by thier achivments, not thier amount of days, get this fixed for FM12 damn it !
I feel you man, its always been like it and its wrong, I can't believe they still haven't fixed it.
I mean, after all, that is what you really want, stadiums named after you and stuff, that is the greatest part, sadley you need to boar you self to death before it'll happen !
I know what you mean.
Once, in a savefile, I won six titles out of eight, four domestic cups and three european competitions while managing Sporting CP, which is the third most successful football club in Portugal. Then I decided I had to move. And so I did to Man City and Stoichkov took over after I resigned...

My name was removed from the Legends List. But that's not all. After three seasons or so with Man City, Sporting build a new stadium named... Stoichkov Stadium!WTF?!

After taking Sporting CP to the top... It's very frustrating!
most of all it's extremeley unrealistic !
I've managed Toulouse FC and I won the league, the League Cup and the Champions League in the third season and I've become the only legend of the club.
I have won 6 league 5 cups and 1 champions league with Nieciecza and I have become legend for the club but there isn't a stadium named after me.
could you try saving the games and then resign from your teams and see if your still ledgends ?
also this kind of thing seems strange from team to team... you guys hit ledgend in a couple of seasons, but look at johannes 3000 for example, he has played for about 10 years, made his team the highest reped in the world and won countless trophies, yet he isn't a ledgend... similar things have happened to me, bringing a team from nothing to the top, yet if a leave I'm not even favoured...
I did like you said and I resign from the post and I am still legend at the team and maybe in some leagues it is harder to be a legend.
or maby diffrent between teams... wich makes sense anyway... obviousley you need to achive more to be remembered in real madrid compared to som lower leauge team in some random country (no relfection on you macdab!)... but still... something feels very wrong here !

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