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A new Bidding Game - Open to all

Started on 4 April 2011 by The Genie
Latest Reply on 29 April 2011 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Hi Guys,

Although I am new to this site, I am experienced in database editing etc. My favourite type of editing is for bidding games (also known as Auction games). I see there is one Auction game going (run by Molineux) but not much else. I have recently done one for my school friends (20 people). And would like to set one up here.

The idea is simple. Players are posted up daily and you have to make bids for them by PMing me. You have to make a squad of 24 players and a manager with £500 million (therefore an average of £20 million per person). The highest bidder wins the player and they are added to the team. Once all teams are completed, I will finish the database and play the season(s).

If you would like to join, please post on this forum:
Team Name (Please make it something fairly realistic e.g. London Athletic, but a bit more exciting!):
Home Colours (up to 3):
Away Colours (up to 3):
Stadium Name:
First Formation:
Secondary Formation:

All teams will get the same ratings, Stadiums, finances etc!

Hope to get as many as possible involved but I need a minimum of 9, and will set up as many leagues of 10 as needed! Cup competitions as well. If you do wish to join, I hope you will be committed to the game!
I wanna join.
Team Name: Vitosha United
Nickname: Blues
Home Colours (up to 3): Blue
Away Colours (up to 3): Yellow
Stadium Name: Bushmills Arena
First Formation: 4-4-2 with AML and AMR
Secondary Formation: 4-1-2-1-2 (also known as 4-4-2 diamond)

Is that ok? I ve never participated in such games so if I made something wrong or missed something feel free to tell me :)
What's the difference from this one?
Well, the other one is already closed... So this one would be a good chance to play another auction game.

An idea woulbe to play for a season or two and then, the winners of each auction game would go and face eachother in a third auction game...
Yeah, as MpDi says, the other is closed. I hope to get more than 10 people in mine as well! I will get in touch with Molineux and see what we can do! I also want to try and kick off bidding asap, so if you know anyone who you think may be interested then let them know!
Team Name: AFC Football Club
Nickname: The Clubbers
Home Colours: Purple, Yellow, Orange
Away Colours: Green, Black, Red
Stadium Name: The Clubhouse
First Formation: 4-4-2
Secondary Formation: 4-5-1 (DM, 2CMs, 2WMs)
Evo has submitted a team by PM

"Sure I'll join

Name: Ninja Warriors
Home: All Black
Away: All White
3rd: Red and yellow stripes
Stadium: The Sensei's Sanctuary
Formation 1: 4-1-3-2
Formation 2: 4-4-2"
Name: Darlington United
Nickname: Darlo
Home colours: Black & White (stripes but horizontal) and black bottom
Away Colours: Red (top) & White (bottom)
Third kit colours: Full White top, black bottom
Stadium Name: Feethams
Fist Fomtion: 4-3-3
Second formation: 4-4-2
Team Name: Victoria FC
Nickname: Victorians
Home Colours: Dark Blue, Light Blue
Away Colours: Yellow, White
Stadium Name: Merdeka Stadium
First Formation: 4-4-2
Secondary Formation: 4-5-1
Sounds good count me in!

Team Name: Bumble Bee United
Nickname: United
Home Colours: Black & Yellow Hoops
Away Colours: Green & Black Stripes
Stadium Name: The Hive
First Formation: 4-4-2
Secondary Formation: 4-3-3 winged
Team Name: IFC Anonymous
Nickname: De Zonnegoden
Home Colours (up to 3): White Green
Away Colours (up to 3): Green Purple
Stadium Name: Internetional Stadium (Not International ;))
First Formation: 4-3-3
Secondary Formation: 4-3-3 (Winged)

BTW. Will the the remaining money be added to your club's balance?
# Zonnegod : BTW. Will the the remaining money be added to your club's balance?

Good question!!!

Is this game going to happen?
Hi all,

I've decided just to get this started with you guys. MpDi have you actually submitted a team? And the money will be added. So, I'll post up the first round soon!
is it still okay to join??

Team Name: Carmarthen AFC
Nickname: Golden Dragon
Home Colours (up to 3): gold & white
Away Colours (up to 3): red & green
Stadium Name: The cave
First Formation: 4-2-2-2
Secondary Formation: 4-4-1-1

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