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Suggestions needed... :)

Started on 5 April 2011 by yiannis1989
Latest Reply on 5 April 2011 by yiannis1989
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Many thanks to all of you guys for the syggestions you made. An update of my squad since i am in season 3 in late November. I am first in my league and first in my CH.L. group (will finish 1st 99%) with Inter(again 2nd!! haha),Wolfsburg(Djeko got banned for 4 matches thanks God!!!) and Heerenven...

My squad is:

GK: Renan Ribeiro (Sifakis)-Goalkeeper Defend
DR: Torosidis (Dennis Appiah)-Full Back Defend
DL: Digne (Dodo)-Full Back Defend
DC: Varane/Toloi (Avraam Papadopoulos/Muniesa)-Central Defender Defend
DM: Ignacio Camacho (Raquete i think a regen)-Defencive Midfielder Defend
MC: Haruna (Pedro of Sampdoria)-Central Midefielder Automatic
AMR: Kiko (Fetfatzidis)-Winger Support
AML: Zezinho (Albert Riera)-Winger Support
ST: Lukaku (Mitroglou)-Target Man Attack
ST: Neymar (Nery Castillo)-Poacher Attack

In January i will replace Appiah with Digao since i am not happy with him and MAYBE Dodo with a DL who will be my primary DL. Both will leave on loan since they are young and can improve.
Plus i signed an awesome regen AML to replace Riera since he is 30 now and gets 2M/year as a sub(older player & max contract in my squad!!)
Plus i am thinking of definetely getting an AMR since Fetfatzidis plays very well there but he is not an actual AMR and both him and Kiko got injured a lot this season.
Finally i need to strenthen my midfield and since i have 3 very goog DMs regens in my U20 squad I am thinking of getting a MC.I can get Aaron Ramsey for 14M (48 months as always) and maybe i will try get Kevin too,since everyone wants Haruna.
Plus i can get Ballotelli for 9M (transfer listed)

Tell me what do you think.. (players/tactics/suggestions anything appreciated)
I think you are doing pretty good, honestly! your player-choice is really good!

but, there's only one thing... :) I don't know how long you play this game, and I don't know if you have ever been training football in real life, but somehow your midfield is very "risky", you know... I guess your average posession is only about 50-55%, cuz you play with only one real(central) midfielder, and the DM is defensively based... remember: THE CM POSITION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE, and the FM creators surely knew about that...! ;)

I recommend a 4-4-2 tactic, with one Advanced playmaker and one ball winning midfielder... (both in support mode, and turn off the "run from deep"-option), so your posession will be much bigger, therefore you'll create more chances and be more compact when defending!

I hope this can be useful to you!

do not buy baliotelli, what ever you do, don't buy him !
thanks cruz! well i got rid of Riera and got Bebe from Man Utd (3.5M) and put the regen on my U20 squad.. Bebe 1st match 3 assists!! also got digao and loaned out appiah.. only addition i ll try is Ramsey and i think i ll be ok... i have a really young squad (oldest player 28) and low salaries (max contract is 1,6M and total 17M) so i think i ll be a Ch. L. contender in 2-3 seasons..

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