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Help with a Struggling team

Started on 7 April 2011 by naff123
Latest Reply on 25 April 2011 by oldskoolhero
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Hey there in 2 seasons ive taken dover to League 2 after 2 amazing seasons losing just 5 games in those 2 seasons excluding FA cup won the FA trophey twice on trot too.

What im struggling with is attracting decent league 2 / league one quality players in 2012/2013 season to Dover.
My first fixture hasn't gone great got smashed by Chesterfield 6 - 1 my largest defeat ever but beat hereford 2-1 what i am really lacking is defense i need to know what a really good RB and LB in FM is i have David Lilley from Rangers atm but he is 36 and tires quick and a awesome Bermudan Regen who is their captain.

Also could do with a couple of decent wingers as i play 4 - 2 - 2 Wingers - 2 Strikers ( One Poacher one Trequistador)
What i am trying to aim to do is take them to the playoffs to jump up to league one or win the Johnstones paint trophey to start the professional scene for dover fantastically.

Any advice?
I dont know if you have tried but u most probably have but check the players that have been released from say the championship at the end of previous season, also check league 1 obviously and see if u can snap a suprise up for free.

Erm... as for naming players for you i couldnt help as i dont normally play LL so sorry for that.
it's very hard to name players has the sale price of players skyrockets in the LL when a plyers put on a great season, so knowing who has succeded and who has failed so that he is avalibe is almost impossible for us... but you shold check out julian di cosmo (his first name is either julian or julien)though he is a striker i bet he'll be a star if you can get him, also you shuold keep close tabs on the "6 months contracted" players... not only to get better players, but to profit from getting them for free and then selling them
aye i have been looking about and i have snapped up a aging but expensive Chimbonda for 2 years at the ripe old age of 35 but on 12 k a week but to say the least in the carling cup 1st round just beat Brighton who are in championship on penalty shoot out.

Also i have been granted a transfer budget of 8 million and wage budget of 70 k so i have the funds to bring in players just struggle with reputation to buy them i am aiming for play offs of L2 this season i am currently 15th after 2 games
I'm also managing Dover in League 2 at the moment and I'm aiming to get to the Premiership eventually I would love to be able to give advise but try to keep on top of your finances in this League otherwise you'll stuggle make sure you have a good scout and a good assistant manager as well and most importantly do your very best to get a goalscorer, if you want to chat about Lower League Management then I'd be up for that, good luck with Dover :D.
Yeah sure mate well good news is since my smash to pieces by Chesterfield i have gone on a unbeaten run and into quater finals of JPT vs Dagenham. Lying 4 points clear up top of L2 :D

I snapped up some quality Free transfers one of which seems to be a quality goal machine in 2012-2013 ill post some screen shots
I'm impressed by Counago for you I keep getting goalscorers and then all of a sudden they'll just stop scoring or they will get injured. Such a frustrating league :P
yeah he is a good player ive rested him for 2 games to give my youngters a chance to score which has paid off with a 2 - 0 win over 2nd place Tranmere and 1 - 0 over Port Vale. Millwall have just offered me a Job who are 18th in League one they just sacked Ian holloway so i aien't sure after 3 seasons at Dover to stay an take them to league one or jump up the ladder
Did you remain loyal and at Dover or go to The Den, after 6 seasons with Dover I'm edging around promotion to the Championship and still haven't found a good goalscorer at the club yet :( anyone who I sign at the moment cannot consistently score no matter how good they are. But with the prospect of Championship football next year or a season building on the team in League One I won't be leaving Dover for quite a while yet. Let me know how you are gettin on? :)
Im doing alright i stayed at Dover, Which was a good idea because I won the JPT vs Scunthorpe and still top of League Two with 9 games left next game guarantees promotion.
There's a Ugandan or Zambian called Chalwe.
I know this may open a can of worms, but I use genie scout and just look for free player U23 and pot ability 155+, you can normally snap up half a dozen :D and if you want experiance, just set it 23-26yrs and 135+, work a treat

I got Hereford to the prem, doing that and have just got Charlton in too championship after two seasons :D

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