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Things to do.

Started on 12 April 2011 by [email protected]
Latest Reply on 20 April 2011 by MrCornelly
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It has gotten to the stage now playing Football Manager that I'm running out of ideas of teams to manage, different people to buy or challenges to set myself. In the game I get about 2 or 3 months into the season and then I lose my interest. So just wonderig if their are good challenges to do or goals to set yourself that you found challenging or fun.
I have managed:
England, Tottenham, Man City, Wales, Bradford, Ajax, Newcastle, Liverpool, Wycombe, Barcelona, Middlesborough etc.
try shrewsbury keeps interesting (npwol league 2) or aurora pro patria (serie C2/A)
i know it was fun at christmas XD
Try a league you haven't done before, I'm currently doing a game with Dynamo Dresden in the German leagues, done 7 seasons and were finally champions and I'm still motivated to do more seasons. The German leagues are really good also check out the Australian league which I've done before and is quite good.
Like Evo said try to play leagues that you never played before and I also gonna add that I also played German and Austlian leagues and they are pretty cool leagues to play.
The Hyundai A League in Australia is suprisingly very interesting to compete in;

Talking from personal experience I took on North Queensland Fury where eventually I managed to win it all, anyway what makes it interesting is the level of quality throughout a particular team ranges from pretty good to god damn awful!

What I mean by this is that you can have a maximum of 5 foreign players (another good point is that it's very easy for these players to get work permits) and the rest of your team has to be made up of Australians, of which there aren't that many about.

Finally on a financial note most teams are financially sound which is always a good thing :)
I dont think many people would have played in the lower leagues of sweden. SI has added a lot of new divisions there and it is quite challenging to reach the top first nationally then in europe.
I ve played in Australia too(in the older versions) and its fun because you cant get the usual players :) Not many people want to go there.
For those who have played in Australia do the national coefficients for the Asian champion league change? So that Australia can gain more qualification places? When I loaded the Australian league I couldn't find a coefficients page for the ACL like the European CL has.
I am not sure if it change but I think it should like it change in Europe.
No it's only the winners of the 'Finals Series' that qualify

So you can win the A-League but that doesn't certify your place in the Champions League by any stretch of the imagination
I find it really good fun to go from the bottom division in various nations to the top and see what I can do from there. I quite enjoy carrying on for as long as possible (by this I mean since 2010 I haven't willingly given up on a game only if the game has crashed or in my 2010 games case that a new FM came out) but I haven't put any real thought into which club and never done any research into their history so I suppose that could be something for people to do to form some sort of bond with their club just to make it feel a bit more authentic.

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