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Legends Database - Battle of the Titans

This Datapack will feature most of the biggest Legends in football
Started on 16 April 2011 by Valoel
Latest Reply on 19 February 2013 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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Who will prevail?

Beta release info:

*Over 300 players added
*Old profiles removed completely
*Players should start at 16-17 years old
*Players have not been trained yet, so therefore not homegrown
* - However they are legends so they start with 110-175 in CA
*Players will start at their first "playable" club (if possible)
*3 attributes set pr player to reflect their real life abilities
*Picture pack available too
* Credit goes to Deus for his invaluable input

Should you spot any errors, mistypes, wrong info and ofcouse missing players I am all ears
*Players must be post WW2
*I will only set 3 attributes pr player so no need to request any more.

Datapack(Beta v.2):
Picturepack (for Beta v2):
Complete Playerlist(Txt):
Top Legend Shortlist:
Legend Shortlist: Will be released after beta v2
Int Stars Shortlist: Defently not ready yet
Nat Stars Shortlist: Same
Additions for Beta v3 :


Dario Šimić


Emile Heskey


Frank Leboeuf
Emmanuel Petit
Claude Makélélé


Jens Lehmann


Michael Reiziger
Ronald de Boer


Jared Borgetti
Rafael Márquez
Cuauhtémoc Blanco
Antonio Carbajal
Claudio Suárez


Pedja Mijatovic (MAL/FW) – Int Star

N. Ireland

Pat Jennings


Ole Gunnar Solskjær


Arsenio Pastor Erico (ST) - Int Star
Carlos Gammara (DC) – Int/Nat Star


Teófilo Cubillas (MAC) - Int Star
Héctor Chumpitaz (DC) – Nat Star


Zbigniew Boniek
Kazmierz Deyna (MC/MAC) Int/Nat Star
Wlodzimierz Lubanski (ST) Nat Star


Nuno Gomes


Adrian Mutu

Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Majed


Jimmy Johnston
Alan Hansen
Ally McCoist
Jim Baxter
Graeme Souness
Gordon Strachan
Denis Law
Kevin William Gallacher
Ronnie Simpson
Dave Mackay
Danny McGrain
Billy Bremner
Billy McNeill
John Greig


Dragan Džajić (MAL) Int/Star
Bernard Vukas (MAL) Nat Star
Dejan Savicevic (MAL/FW) – Int Star/legend
Dragan Stojkovic (MAC) – Int Star
Dragoslav Šekularac (AMC) – Nat Star*


Ricardo Zamora
Francisco Gento
Míchel (MARC) Int/Nat Star
Rafael Martín Vázquez (MALC) Int/Nat Star
Antoni Ramallets (GK) Int/Nat Star
Andoni Zubizarreta (GK) (Int Star)
José Mari Bakero (MDC/MC) (Int/Nat Star)
Ion Andoni Goikoetxea (MAR) (Nat Star)

South Korea

Bum-Kun Cha


Thomas Brolin
Gunnar Nordahl (ST) – Legend
Nils Liedholm (MAC) – Int Star
Gunnar Gren (MDC/MC) – Int/Star Star
Fredrik Ljungberg

Trinidad and Tobago:

Dwight Yorke


Juan Alberto Schiaffino
Luis Alberto Cubilla (FW) – Int Star
Pedro Virgilio Rocha (MAC) – Int/Nat Star


Neville Southall
Craig Bellamy
I found one mistake.
You added Bernard Vukas to Serbia, but he was not Serbian.
He was a Croat and he played for Hajduk Split.
You can check here:
so is this just a database you created for people who would like some of the old legends in their game?
Yes it is primarilly made because I wanted to play with the old legends - It became a bit extensive so I thought I would share it - maybe others wanted the same thing :)


Sorrentine - I'll correct it. Thank you
Could you edit the shortlist where the players are and add the position they used to play as well, I donțt know all of them so thațs why, sorry :P
The player list is just so people can see who I added in advance

I will add 4 shortlists you can import into your game (top legends are available now). That way you can find them easily. Legends, Int and Nat shortlists are not ready yet - I will add them when they are.

Best Regards

This looks great, is the link to Beta v3 or is it not yet finished or can I find a link elsewhere?
Can someone help me with install the legends shortlist?Where I have to copy the files?
I cant get in any of the links it says theat they are invalid or deleted ? =(
this did take place almost 2 years ago, anything could of happened to them

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