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Role 'calculator'

Need your feedback
Started on 28 April 2011 by VeLiKi
Latest Reply on 28 July 2012 by glfb
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I got this idea from scoutmeister, and as much as i know it, scoutmeister is the only tool that has this nifty option. I always wondered what would be the best ROLE to assign to my, for instance, AML player. I always stared at the numbers trying to see which of those gray-er fields cover more 15's and more. I never really felt like sitting down and writing all of them down and scouting a player that fits the ROLE I wish him to play in my formation and in my team. Scoutmeister actually enlightened me, it gave me the needed spark. The soultion is so simple, you just add all the values and divide with the maximum number of points that a role can amass and you get the percentage your player covers on all the roles.

To make some sense, here's what I'm aiming at: 1.02_21936.rar

It's a file I made in Excel 2010, since I'm no programmer. Maybe you guys can take a look and give me your opinions. Also, I got a little rusty with Excel, so any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

It works like this: you select the position of the player at the bottom (the 'pages' of the excel 'book'), and then in the fields that are NOT crossed over you enter the values of your players' technical, mental and physical attributes. The last, purple line will give you the grade for each role for the player (in %).

I only inserted the tables for the ST and AML(R) positions, I'll do the rest sometime then, I'd appreciate any help, any suggestion you can think of.

Also, I AM aware that excel sucks ass for this and that it's VERY annoying having to enter manually all the values and then delete them and then enter them again for the next player in line...bear in mind that this is just an idea, if there's anyone out there with any programming knowledge, feel free to exploit the data I inserted here. :)

P.S. odd that Genie Scout doesn't have this option.
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You can actually figure this out on Genie Scout by looking at General Rating tab for the player; highest % is where a player could be best deployed.

But regardless, it's a good effort and I suppose Excel users and the ones who hate using scout utilities might find it handy.
Yeah, I noticed that in genie scout, but the most data I can get is if the player can be a 'winger', a 'target striker' or a 'fast striker', and so on. I figured that the 'fast striker' would be a poacher or a trequartista. It was only when the scoutmeister came out that I realized that I'd been deploying my striker as a treq while he was much better as a poacher. I guess Eugene should implement something like this in the next release of genie scout.
Which would be better? Calculating the average of all attributes important for a role or adding them all up and calculating the percentage compared to the maximum points for a role?
You can't say that bravery, for instance, plays NO role in a life of a, say, winger, since it's not highlighted as a needed stat. All stats are important, but for certain roles, certain stats are more important, hence the highlight on those stats in FM. Comparing the the sum of all points with the sum of maximum points of highlighted scores gives a basic idea if you want to compare two players that you intended for the same role. I'm looking at this as an (not so) easy way to compare a couple of players. I am aware that a, say, playmaker would get a lower score because his, for instance, stamina is lower then then next guy's, and of course the more important stats among the important (highlighted) stats are passing, teamwork, determination and creativity when choosing a good playmaker. But, also, you can always alter the formula to include only those that you see fitting for a certain position.

I wish scoutmeister would finally get updated to work with 1.3 so I wouldn't have to mess with Excel spreadsheets.
Surely you have noticed the headlines on the front page about me updating Scoutmeister to 11.3? :)
What I love about "highlighting" is that goalkeeper's don't have Jumping highlighted, which is one of the most important stats for a GK imo, but well....
wat is scoutmiester?

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