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Corner Tactic

Time to give something back.
Started on 29 April 2011 by tomy
Latest Reply on 30 April 2011 by Wagger
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Hey there dear "scouters" :), after getting many useful tactical advices, player suggestions and enjoying the manager stories on these forums I believe that it's my turn to give something back. I will share with you the best corner tactic that I came up with since 11.3, after I felt that supplying the ball to the far post didn't do well. This tactic tries to create space around the near post and exploit it. Here is how I set my players:

The key to it is to put the player with the best heading ability to attack the near post, a combination of first touch and finishing also helps here, so if you have 2 defenders that are equally adept in the air assign the most technical one to attack the near post. Your other defender should be set to challenge the keeper, and your star player in the attack should be assigned to attack ball from the deep, the idea with this is that the opposition will try to shackle him so it will draw players towards the far post, leaving the near one discovered. If you have 2 very good strikers or so you should set the second one to attack far post, or if you don't want to keep 3 players at the back, in this picture I wanted to make sure I will not be hit on counter as I already had a solid advantage.

And the results are.... :

30 games during the season, of which 10 are in Champions League, he was the 4th best goalscorer, finishing 2 goals behind the main scorer. I don't expect that you get the same results as I play in Romania, and my squad is twice or 3 times better than anyone else in the competition, and if you play in better leagues you won't score as much against better organised defences, but having a defender that gets 2/3 hat-tricks during a season definitely feels nice. My other defender that played in the same position had 8 goals during the season, which makes it 38 games, more than any average striker would score.

I hope that it will do good for you and if you try it please leave some feedback, I'd love to see how it works out for you.


: It's very important that a left footed player takes the corner from the right side and a right footed player takes it from the left side.
I will add this into my game from start as im about to start a new one after i got CD. Will let you know the outcome.
I'm gonna start trying it and see what happens too

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