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Need Help...

Started on 9 March 2008 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
Latest Reply on 10 March 2008 by _Man_u_barmy_army_
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I have a juve team in second season (my team is on best starting XI and i keep on losing now 9th struggling with form and overall not good effort.
It might be something to do with your tactics or team talks. Try changing some things around a bit and see how you do.
I have changed it and it stays good for a while 3 games then goes back to bad
you dont have the best teams tbh. i bet u concede alot as well?

try to sign miranda :)
don't concede that many just averagely but my strikers differ a lot
_Man_u_barmy_army_ : don't concede that many just averagely but my strikers differ a lot

well considering your formation and the firepower u got upfront it isnt a shock that you are doing that bad.

you need a 'world class' striker. u sold trez. and that was a bad decision. you dont have a good team tbh.

all i can say is that u need 1 great striker and a good consistent defender. that will help u a bit.

of course then u have to also concentrate on ur tactics and team talks.
well i sold trez cause he hadn't scored in the season from 15(6) and berbatov did brilliant first season 2nd season crap but i changed the players for the nxt game against cheivo i'll give u all an update later tonight
with arsenal i found vela to be rather rubbish in the second season for me....3-4th season hes proving to be amazin.... he should really be on ur bench....i always find 2nd season to be challenging in most my games....just stick with it... til transfer window and then try bring in some proven much cash to spend?
Not really but at the moment Vela is solid in his poss top scorer in my eruro cup run and i always have plently of good sub cam
i think you have to look into the 'personal instructions' more.

take ur time to set up ur corners, defensive and attacking. take time for all those 'small things'. that helps alot especially with a smaller team. or with your team that has quality but it is not playing that good.
k i'll take these all into acount and tell you the match result soon
looks good.

you might benefit by looking at other teams, and using the scout reports u get about other teams to set up ur tactics.

u dont really have to change ur formation, but its more about the team and personal instructions.
yeah genoa game cancelled due to international call-ups now Naploi who i have never beat! Real Test
barmyarmy, thats good for ur game, being far too superior would just make ur game boring.

keep it going, try to improve etc etc. keep on playing, of course everyone wants to win. but its the failure that will not get u bored. because if u win and just win thats boring as hell.

so i think u have a good game there which u could play for another 1-2 seasons before becoming a near to unbeatable team. :)

i think you should be able to learn urself now. learn from ur mistakes, trying new things etc etc.

even though i have played cm/fm for nearly 5 years, it doesnt mean im the best. the game has become tougher and better, and i still try new things, new players etc etc. i like to make the game as realistic as possible as well :)

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