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Started on 10 May 2011 by Walsall_Craig
Latest Reply on 10 May 2011 by Stam
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how do i upload pictures into folders on imageshack, and then put them into my posts?

or is there any other way i can do this?

please help
i just upload them and copy the imgadress into the post, don't bother folders and such
so whatever the name is of the pic then just put that in th URL? and it should work? is that what your saying?
you open the screenshot at full size, right-click and press "copy imageadress" or something like that, not sure exactly what it says
i brought my screenshots up to big screen and i right clicked on the picture and didnt have that imageaddress thing on it...:S
Well the language on my web-browser is set at swedish so I don't know exactly what the english version says... are you using google chrome btw ?
yeah im using google chrome? shall i use internet explorer instead?
When at ImageShack website, go to the "My Images" page where all of your uploaded pictures appear, click the info icon ("i") on the picture you want to use and a little popup (as in modal window) will come up with various embedding details. Copy the direct link part and paste it here using the image icon (8th icon from the left).

For example if you want to simply embed a full size picture here it should be like this:
In case you want to deploy thumbnails that show the full size picture on click you should use it like this: 


For ImageShack, thumbnails have the exact same URL with full size picture and the only difference is an added ".th" at the end before the picture extension (in the case above the extension being ".jpg").
So in order to use thumbnails properly, instead of
you need


Personally, I believe it's better to use thumbnails when showcasing lots of pictures on the same page for faster page loading times of course. If you want to use just a couple of pictures in a post, I guess there's no need for that.

I hope it's clear enough.

P.S. I'd rather stay away from Internet Explorer, latest versions of Chrome and FireFox are decent enough.
hell no, chrome is the shieeet ! weell then try copy url or something like that ! well what you do is pressing the little picture in the toolbar and then paste the url in the window that pops up...
Thanks stam for the help :) can finaly get my story properlly started with pictures,

Will you be able to comment on my FM Story please :) its the Impossible Season-The Walsall Story.
No problem mate. In fact I'm the one to blame for not having a how-to guide on such tasks, but I promise to focus on tutorials about site usage and FM in general starting next month.

Yes, I will have a look at it today and drop a comment or two.
Thanks Stam that would be a great idea for new members, because they might have the same problem as me. I can think of a few ideas needed for this site and Football Manager 2012
I know, I made plenty of mistakes this season for the site. Even though it has been a pretty much successful season, I admit it was riddled with problems as in missing important articles and features, but mainly having bad arrangements and presentation.
Rest assured I'll fix most of that though.

At any case, I'd be happy to read your ideas for the site and FM12 in the appropriate threads.

I intend to write an article by the end of the month including all suggestions made for FM12 and letting SI know about them. There's always a chance they could adapt an idea or two.

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